Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gorilla Gardening

It has been a weird day here in my garden. I went to the back door to go outside and the little fellow above was sitting on my deck raising cane. Apparently, he was very dissatisfied with my performance as a bird feeder filler. He was mad, I mean, really really mad. After I gave him more seed, he flew off. Now what was that all about. Get mad at me and then don't eat the food you were so determined I provide? A few minutes later he came back with a female. It's always about a girl. I took the picture above through my dirty glass door.

After taking care of the Cardinal, I went out into the garden and noticed something behind my fence. Someone has left me two bags of leaves. Now, I have been known to ask for the neighbors bagged up leaves and I have been known to just swipe them when no one was home to ask. This is part of my gorilla gardening activity. I also sneak seeds into family members' flower beds, plant things while people are on vacation, and collect seeds everywhere I go. Now bags of leaves are being delivered. Odd, but good.
This is a terrible picture, but my Mutabalis is in bloom. See the different colors on the same bush (not the red to the left. That's Martha Gonzales). The booms start off a dark pink/apricot and then fade to a very light yellow. I love this rose bush.
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  1. Debbie .. I'm laughing over the cardinal and his "issues" with your catering service .. now he brings his girl back to judge you too ? LOL
    Hum .. bags of leaves delivered now ? .. you are ranking very high on the garden pecking order in your neighborhood girl ... i am impressed .. no one gives me anything here .. but unmentionables here and there .. I'll get that owner of a blanking blank .. sorry .. I have issues too ?
    Very pretty rose shrub .. does it have a nice strong scent ? .. I love roses to smell like roses .. another issue I guess ?
    Joy : )

  2. Hi Joy, don't have a clue about the leaves. Demanding birds really are not new here. Some day I'll tell you about the evil humming bird.

    I actually had to go outside and check to see if that rose had a scent. Bad gardener, very very bad. Unfortunately, it does not smell. Since I didn't know I guess I grow roses mostly for the flowers.

  3. Looks like somebody is guerrilla gardening right back at 'cha. :-0

    I also have a Mutabilis. Once I found the right spot for it after four tries, it finally took off.~~Dee

  4. Hi Dee,

    That rose bush can turn in to a real monster. We had one at the nursery that was at least 15 feet tall. It was pruned up to resemble a tree.

  5. Hey Debbi! Just today, a male cardinal started smacking into my office windows. Wonder what he saw? Fortunately, he didn't hurt himself. Just another case of testosterone out of control! Sigh. Looks like spring has sprung out your way for sure!

  6. Hi Ben, why do dudes act like that. I will never understand.

  7. Hi Debbi,

    Glad to see Guerilla Gardening also happens across the pond. It's my favourite neighbourhood activity.

  8. Oh and my neighbours give me their leaves + their prunings for my shredder :)

  9. Hi VP, I want a shredder. Sorry, sulky toddler came out in me. Glad to know I am not the only guerilla in the bunch.


  10. Hey, I just noticed a couple of you gently corrected my spelling. Hey, I gotta be a gorilla, the monkeys come by it naturally.

  11. It's always about a girl, isn't it? And those birds are very loyal creatures, it seems. I guess he's just doing what he considers is his job, and got a little snooty about it!

  12. I love the mutabilis. Yours is much bigger tan mine though. Now I have rose envy.

  13. Bonnie, If you have space just leave it alone and don't prune it. They can get big.

  14. "They can get big" is an undersatement! :)

    I love my mutabilis too. It's pouting at the moment though. I cut it back in late march...NOT a happy camper. I had no choice, it was eating the house, plus we had to paint. Now everytime I sit on my back porch I feel exposed to the world, with a big empty space glaring at me... Hope the dadgum thing grows back. *sniff*

    Hubs said to tell you -- "he did TOO, see a monarch" :)

  15. Eating the house, snicker, snicker. See everybody, I told you it was a monster.

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