Friday, January 9, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Teapot I bought for myself




We have had a tough week around here. My MIL had a pacemaker placed this morning, a casual friend passed away unexpectedly, and I flooded our bathroom and bedroom.

Then there was the day long phone calls with the school. Baby monkey is having a really hard time learning to read. Dyslexia runs in my family. This school district did not want to do the testing for learning disabilities because they didn't want to "label him". Is that not the most retarded thing you have ever heard. Yes, I "labeled" this school district retarded. I have been asking for this testing since he was in kindergarten. Four years later, I finally got them to agree to the testing. That was four months ago. Anyway, by threatening to come over and camp out in the principles office, I got what I wanted and the testing is complete. We are now waiting on the results.

I took the above pictures to try to recenter myself and say goodbye to this awful week. It was a beautiful day, perfectly sunny with a mild breeze. The light was beautiful. Being in my garden today was reassuring, helping me feel that all of these troubles will pass.

The winter garden is doing well and we are eating lettuce, broccoli, greens, and radishes fresh from the garden. I just harvest what we want to eat each day and let the garden be my refrigerator keeping the rest of our food super fresh. There is no rush to harvest a lot of stuff at once, unlike in the summer garden. You can't just leave a ripe tomato or zucchini out in the garden until you are ready to eat them. As I have mentioned before, my winter garden is easier and more productive than my summer efforts.


  1. Oh no, what a week! I hope you get results that yield the best help for baby monkey. I can understand not wanting to jump on a label right away, but it seems that they waited just a bit too long! More likely, they're probably trying to save themselves some money. I could see waiting if they only had problems for a year for a kindergartener, but if things didn't improve after that I'd want to see if there was something to the parent's claims. Just seems like the responsible thing to do.

    Here's to a great weekend and a brand new week! Enjoy the veggies, I sure wish I could grow some up here this time of year. Rather than a fridge, my garden would be a freezer for them.

  2. I am so sorry about your week. Ironically, I have had some distressing news this week as well. And, I get so down in the winter, even if it is 70 degrees at times. It gets dark early, I am at work all day with no windows--I NEED LIGHT!! I will hope for better days ahead for us both!!
    Have a good weekend.

  3. I'm sorry to hear your week has been so rough! I do envy your fall garden. I can't seem to get one planted lately.

  4. Rough week Deb, sorry to hear it. Glad some action was taken with your Baby Monkey, I have had some run ins with schools over the years. Good for you for standing up to them!
    Love that teapot, and am GREEN with envy over your gorgeous vegies. I guess I can't have chickens AND vegies.
    Hope the coming week is better for you.

  5. I'm sorry you've had such a rough week, but I enjoyed seeing the photos. Nice combination of pleasures; be sure to sit and enjoy some tea and breathe deeply, and I hope things get better for everyone soon.

  6. Cinj, they did wait to late, but I think we have it on track now.

    Linda, A friend gave me one of those salt lamps. I really think it helps.

    Lorilee, I love my fall garden. It is so much easier.

    Foxy, maybe you need a chicken tractor.

    Jodi, the weekend has started off very nicely thanks for the good wishes.

  7. Hope things are looking a little brighter. Cute pic of Abby!

  8. Thanks Curmudgeon, things are looking up .

  9. Your dog adores you, the kids are lucky to have you, and everything you did this week is right. It was overload and I would have melted and cried.

    My son and I are dyslexic. He uses a blue screen on his computer and books. I use spell check and hope for the best. There are a zillion different combinations of color that work differently for each person. The blue sheet helps my son by keeping his eyes focused on the sentence. Before the blue, the sentence would jump down to the next sentence and an assortment of other stuff.

    The blue screen looks like colored plastic sheets about the size of notebook paper. It will work on the computer or his text books. His grades improved when he started using them. It gave him tremendous confidence.

    We have Irlen Syndrome. I see better with pinkish red and my son sees better with blue. There are some sample online test that might show your son what different backgrounds will do for him.

    Good luck with it.

  10. Anna, as beautifully as you write, I would have never guessed you struggled with this. He is using a blue/green overlay and it seems to be helping. His teacher did this on her own without the help of he diagnostitian and dyslexia teacher. Thanks for the information, I will try to find a website to see if one or another works better.