Thursday, January 8, 2009

Possum Uproar

We have a possum. I don't know much about possums, but dogs hate them. The neighbors' dog has the worst screaming howling bark ever. Tonight he saw the possum behind the fence and went crazy. Last week he saw the possum up in a tree and went crazy. There were barking dogs all over the block. My insane dog is not interested in the possum. Apparently, the possum just likes to hang out in our neighborhood. I wonder what it is eating. Maybe tomorrow night, I will get a picture of the possum. Should I be afraid of the possum? Do possums get rabies? Do they bite? What do they eat?

I need a possum expert. Anybody out there a possum expert?


  1. I have always liked possums. They eat almost anything, and if people leave food outside for pets they'll eat that.

    They're grumpy and pea-brained, and like all mammals have the potential to carry rabies, so should be given space.

    Healthy wild ones will do all they can to avoid you, and as far as I know will only bite if you grab them.

    But they don't particularly mind having their picture taken.

  2. Hugh, I hoped you would show up with the knowledge. Thanks for the information.

  3. I got a pair of boot insoles made from New Zealand possum fur for Christmas. Very warm they are, too.

  4. OH Deb, a possum in the yard? The dog barking would be aggravating to me.

  5. Oh that would be me!! We bought a cage at Home Depot and catch them all the time.(they do carry rabies so we are very careful!) We call animal control and they come and get them and relocate them. We have caught raccoons too! I feel like the Clampett's! :)

  6. Don't know diddly-squat about possums. When I think of them, I wonder why that phrase from my childhood: playing possum? They look fat and lazy when I see them on TV. But I wouldn't cross one.