Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Body Guard

Yesterday, I tripped over the dog and twisted my ankle. It is not bad, but it hurts and I don't like it. This has also slowed me down, making it easier for Abby to track me and make sure there are no monsters in our house.

I decided to try to outsmart this crazy dog. We have an open floor plan in our living spaces. The living room, kitchen, and dining areas are open. There is a table and a sofa (the girl sofa, but I will get back to that), in the middle of the room. There is also a small table in what used to be the dining area. It is metal and hard to move. There is a lot of stuff to chase things around.

I had a hard day yesterday and worked this afternoon. When I came home I just wanted to relax. No such luck, Abby was on me. If I took a step, she took two in front of me and then turned around to look where I was going. This is totally backwards. How can she see where someone is going if she is in front of them.

So I start the game. She goes left, I go right, she goes down the hall, I sneak into the bathroom. When I had her totally turned around, I ran back to my office and sat down by myself. Then it happened, there was a terrible sliding, nail clutching, smash into the floor just below my feet. She totally wiped out. She was so embarrassed she went to the other room for about two minutes, but she is back now making sure something does not attack my ankles.

Big Sigh


  1. I needed that laugh today. Abby and Kicker would get along just fine I reckon.

  2. Debbie .. Abby loves you to bits girl ! .. try to enjoy that just a wee bit then buy a doggy playpen and put her in it for a break ? LOL

  3. lol, Deb sounds like my dog Spaz. I swear if she was taller & I stopped suddenly she'd be attached to my backside. ;) I hope your ankle gets better soon.

  4. Jack will stay near me but if we are outside he will go do something and then come check back every little bit(-: The cat is the one that gets under my feet and almost causes and accident. I hope your ankle feels better soon too(-:

  5. Poor Debbi! Angel used to do the same thing to me. Some days I miss it though, there are days I could use a warm, fuzzy footrest.

  6. Sorry about your ankle, Deb. Your house must be like a can of worms these cold days. Hang in there.

  7. Are you sure there's not a wee bit of cat in Abby? She sounds just like our Skimble and Jess!

    Hope the ankle heals soon Deb, so you can skip more nimbly out of Abby's way ;)

  8. I am so sorry about your ankle! Sounds like your little Abby girl wants mommy right with her!

  9. Foxy, Maybe our pets need group therapy.

    Joy, she can jump a four foot fence, I don't think a play pen will do the trick.

    Racquel, Wonder what they are thinking.

    Cindee, Hope you can avoid cat accidents.

    Sorry Cinj, I guess I should be more grateful

    Barbee, it is.

    VP, I never trip over the cats. It is just that crazy dog.

    Momo, I am sure she does, but she is killing me with her care.

    Linda, The monkeys don't even need me as much as that dog does.

  10. Too much shepherd in that one. She's condemned forever to herd the one she loves...

    Does she herd the monkeys, too?
    Or just you?

  11. Poor Abby! Wiping out is never pretty--but often hysterically funny.

  12. Jenn, no she only herds me.

    curmudgeon, it was funny, but it hurt her feelings.