Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A New Low: I Have Resorted to Sprinklers

It is hot. Very very hot. There has been no rain. I put in a rain barrel and the rain stopped the next day.

We have broken all of the watering rules. Do not water at midday: Had to, the plants were keeling over. Water deep not shallow: Did not have enough time, somebody needed to go to a soccer game. Mulch to retain moisture: I can't find time to do the dishes and laundry much less spread more mulch.

I love to water my garden by hand. Today I gave up. I set up the sprinkler, set the timer, and went back inside to finish some insane quilt project I committed to back in January.

Would someone like to come babysit the Monkey's so I can try to catch up?

Cricket chirps!!!!!!!!



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  2. Well, on the bright side the Monkeys can be entertained and get some exercise when the sprinklers are going???

    Life is very busy, isn't it? I'd watch them for you, but there is a little matter of distance standing in the way. Maybe you could coral them all in front of the computer and turn on the webcam. Er, alright that's not the brightest idea I've ever had....

  3. Michael, pretty sure that is spam, but I am laughing so hard my sides hurt. Topiary, in my yard. Seriously, you came to the wrong blog.

    Hi Cinj, sounded good for a second, but I don't think we will make mothers of the year with that move :)

  4. Deb, we have finally had some rain and some cooler weather. It was a very welcome change to all of the heat. Our garden as well as the dogs are loving it. The hottest temp on our 10 day forcast is 94 and that is a welcome change from the above 100s that we have been having. I'm sorry that you are now suffering from the heat. We had to water in mid day as well when it was so hot. I just couldn't sit back and watch the garden suffer.
    As for the Monkey's send them to my house for a week or so. I need someone to take care of my compost pile!

  5. You should lay soaker hoses out. I assign each flower bed a different day of the week. I turn the soaker on very slow for a few hours each day. It works for me.
    I would watch the monkeys, but I have too much to do for the fourth party and my own mini monkey to keep up with as well.

  6. Hey Shala, I love living in Texas except for the heat of the summer and Febuary. Febuary sucks here. Glad y'all got a cool spell, maybe we will get a break too. Happy 4th

    Hey sister, No pressure on you. You have your hands full. We will see you tomorrow night. Soaker hoses are laid out, but they have holes in them and need to be replaced.

  7. Whew! I started wondering for a minute there. What mother with children would have topiaries in their yard anyway? LOL.

    I just laughed inside when I saw that the sprinkler hoses had holes in them (isn't that the point?) I know it's not really what you meant, but I'm feeling silly today.

    I don't think the kids would vote me in for mother of the year today. We had plans to go to the beach when kids were using the parking lot at dad's store as a playground today after I specifically told them not to. They ran right out almost in front of a car. I yelled at them pretty harshly. SIGH.

  8. cinj, I had one of my boys and two nieces try to jump into a fountain in downtown garland this afternoon. There is nothing quite like the "you scared me because I thought you were going to get hurt yell." Big Sigh here too.

  9. No kidding! Did I metion the car was driving rather fast for a parking lot? I even vetoed the trip to town for the parade tomorrow after that fiasco. I'm such a mean mom!

  10. Cinj, Did you find youself out in the middle of the parking lot screaming obcenities the dumb A*** driving too fast? I have done it and I AM PROUD.

    Stay off my street crazy stupid people.

    Sorry, I lost it a little bit there. Comes from being the oldest of seven.

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