Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thanks Nola

Well would you look at that. Nola at Alamo North gave me that nice little bloggy gift. The "You Are My Sunshine on a Cloudy Day" award. I found it just after I posted about the Blotanical awards. Thanks Nola, I love it.

Now my understanding is that all you do is pass it on to five other bloggers with no other strings attached. Again, this is hard because I really like a lot of bloggers. Here are five that always make me smile.

My nephew Jack at Just Jack. He is the cure to sad.

PGL at Perennial Garden Lover Her comments are always sweet.

Flower garden girl at Woody and Herbaceous. I was glad when she returned to our blogging community. Her creations with flowers are beautiful.

Cindy at Rose Haven Cottage A sweet talented girl.

Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings who I consider my blogging mentor.

There are so many more who deserve this. I am still lovin on the rest of y'all too.



  1. I love it and thank you for the kind comments. I'm glad to be back too. I like the sunshine--it matches my blog. My feeds on blotanical aren't appearing either so I activated my google reader. Now I can see when you post!

    I'm off to put my sunshine up!

  2. This is great, Debbi! I love the sunshine logo! And if anyone deserves this award, it's you. Your posts always bring some sunshine into my life!

  3. Congratulations Deb & thanks for thinking of me! I'm glad my comments brighten your day. Your posts always make me smile or giggle.

  4. The best part about passing the awards on is that it always leads to discoveries of blogs I've never read before. So off I go to visit your award recipients...

  5. Thank you! First, for the award. Second, for calling me "talented". And third, for considering me a "girl" at the ripe old age of almost 42! You've made me smile!!!!!!


  6. flowergardengirl, you are welcome. I am visting everyone off my blogroll.

    Thanks ofb, that is very sweet.

    pgl, thank you and you are welcome.

    That is true Nola. One of the best ways to find new bloggers to visit.

    Hi cindy, you are welcome. I sort of think of all of us as girls. Well, not ofb, but everyone else.

  7. Congratulations, if anyone deserves an award like this it's you. I swear you can bring a smile to my face even on the worst days.

  8. Oh, Debbi, I'm your mentor? Gosh, that makes me melt. I thank you so very, very much. Girl, your blog makes me smile. You are so deserving of this award.

    Thank you for passing it on.~~Dee

  9. Why of course you are my mentor, Dee. Thank you and you are welcome.