Thursday, May 7, 2009


So I am a gardener and I work at the library, which set of books do you think I would make a pet project? Well, you guessed wrong. We have a true crime section that was a total mess. Most of the books need editing in the computer and new labels. They are also pretty dirty. I have been working on these books for about three weeks. I am about half way through the set of them. They are really really hard to clean. We were using something called Goo Gone. Today I finally got fed up with that product, took a break, came home and fetched my orange oil. It worked like a charm. I clean more books today than I have in the whole time I've worked there. Everybody needs to try orange oil.

Another thing you have to do when working within a group of books like this is weed out the damaged books. So I deleted about six books from the collection this week. My coworker suggested I do some research and replace those old torn up books with newer true crimes books. So now I am researching serial killers. I have a folder that is labeled Deb's Murderers with names of criminals and books about them in a nice long list. So I get to suggest books for the darkest set of materials we have in the library. Yippee.

Which books would you work with if you couldn't work in the garden section?


  1. Oh definately the cookbooks....or the diy section

  2. What a job to tackle! I'll admit you won't find me in this section of the library, but I am sure those who do go there are very appreciative of your efforts. By the way, orange cleaner is great, but have you ever tried 'Awesome'? A cheapie cleaner from the $ stores but absolutely the best!

  3. Debbie .. I too worked in a library while in Holland (NATO international but I worked for the Dutch side) .. and we used GOO Gone TOO !! I laughed when I read this because every time I smell that scent it reminds me of book cleaning : )
    Great post to bring back great memories girl .. thank you !

  4. Easy question---murder mysteries! I love helping solve the crime! Oh..and if they can arrange to get "taken out" in a garden...even better!! :)

  5. Ha! Cookbooks, American history, pets, crafts, DIY, fiction, nature, travel... gee, I guess I've left some out, too! Thanks for the orange oil tip.---Silence

  6. Never heard of orange oil, is it with the goo off and such? I'll try it.
    I'd have to work in the biography or cookbook section! Also, what about the series of book that "Bones" is based on? I think the author is Katy Reichs, but better check, I'm not sure. Also, not TRUE crime, but a light enjoyable murder mystery series (sounds like an oxymoron) is The Cat Who... series by Lillian Jackson Braun (may have the last names transposed).

  7. I would probably choose decorating and craft books, my other obsession. But I want you to know that back in the day of my college years I wrote about such killers, extensively researching them in the pre-internet days. Which wasn't nearly as easy as it would be now!

  8. I love Goo Gone, so I'm definitely going to try the orange oil!

  9. Foxy, but of course.

    catherder, sounds like a nice choice

    beckie, I have not heard of that cleaner. I've got to be careful. I have asthma and many cleaners make me sick.

    Joy, My library probably looks like a make pretend library compared to where you worked. I don't like the smell of the goo gone, but the orange oil has a nice scent.

  10. Linda, have you read teh China Bayles series by Susan Wittig Albert? If you want garden related mysteries these are your books.

    Silence, you could be a library floater working everywhere.

    Nola, get the orange oil from the feed store or a local organic garden center. I will research those books.

    Brenda, Wow what an interesting little bit of information about you.

    Momo, Give the orange oil a try. Just get the real stuff and not a product with orange oil and an ingredient.

  11. Ha! Deb's murderers. It could be anyone of us as I've killed a bunch of plants. I suppose you want famous authors. I can think of themes but no spcifics. I'm no good--move on to the next person.

  12. Anna, I am sure each and everyone of us could come up with a plant homicide post with very little effort.