Friday, May 8, 2009

Orange Oil

In my post yesterday, I mentioned orange oil. There were a few comments asking about the product. Here is a little more information on the orange oil I use. It is the oil that is in the skins of oranges and other citrus called limonene. It is pure orange oil, not a product scented with orange oil. The brand I use is Nature's Guide. It can be used full strength to get off stuff like the goo on the library books or diluted to an ounce a gallon to make a pretty nice all purpose cleaner. Don't use it on wood surfaces. It will dissolve the finish. My favorite thing to do is mix it with baking soda and use it to clean the bathtub. With three boys, my bathtub gets pretty yucky. The orange oil and baking soda really clean it up fast. I buy it at a local feed store. Many organic garden centers carry it. It is expensive, but it goes a long way and is worth it. If you have asthma, like I do, or are sensitive to harsh ammonia containing cleaners, this stuff is a great option.

A great cleaner for windows and mirrors is straight white vinegar. Again, no trouble breathing using this instead of ammonia. Murphy's oil soap is my product of choice for wood surfaces.

Use orange oil on
Counter tops
Slick covered books (not fabric or paper)
As a spot remover for oily stains on clothing

Use vinegar on
Glass fixtures

Murphy's oil soap
All wood surfaces.

Now if this makes me sound like some kind of good housekeeper, again wrong. This place is a mess, better get to work.


  1. Thanks, Debbi! These are great tips. I'll try that orange oil/baking soda in our bathtub at the EOM. I can't stand those stinky chemical cleaners!---Silence

  2. The only thing that is non-chemical that i have found leaves my wood floors sparkling, is white vinegar in hot water...i sweep, vacuum, wash and wipe...but i HATE the way the house smells...i tried the murphys oil once, and it looked dull...any ideas?

  3. I don't think I've ever seen proper orange oil here, they have it in cleaners and such, and I have a spray for the car that has it in. Must check it out.

    Eucalyptus oil is great for clothes stains, and getting sticky stuff off things.

  4. My husband hates the smell of vinegar. A few weeks ago he brings home this newspaper clipping by Heloise saying you can add some essential oil to vinegar and water to make it smell nice. Today, I did just that! He'll be a happy camper.

  5. Good tips. I like orange oil and murphy soap both.
    I have read all of Susan Albert's China books. In fact, I am a big Susan fan..I met her one time about 3 years ago and email with her ocassionally through her blog. They are my very favorite books.
    Have a great weekend Debbi!

  6. I got super sick off clorox when we were selling our last home. I was trying to keep it clean and germ free. I switched to Method cleaners and love them. But I don't think they have an orange scent. Thanks for the great info.

  7. More great tips. I try not to use any chemical cleaners since I read that book, but I didn't throw them away in case Cheesehead or his mom ever go on a cleaning spree around here. They'd probably buy all new chemical conglomerations of chemicals anyway. I find I'm breathing a lot easier now too though I've never been diagnosed with asthma.

  8. Glad to help Silence.

    CatHerder, I guess I should have made myself a little more clear. I don't use the murphys oil soap on my floors just water. I will give the vinegar a try though.

    Foxy, I know I send you orange oil, you send me eucalyptus oil. Wonder how much the postage would cost us?

    Brenda, How did it work?

    Linda, We were lucky enough to see her speak at a convention. I was in another class, but her herb class was very popular.

    Your welcome Anna.

    Cinj, Manly uses a lot of cleaners I can't touch. He does use the orange oil though. It effectively stripped the finish off of my table.

  9. Hi Deb, no need to reply to this comment, just wanted to say thank you for this post. Great!

  10. Barbee, I comment back compulsively. Glad you enjoyed the post.