Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Missed a Spot

So Technu Soap is from heaven, but it only works if you get it exactly where the poison ivy touches you. Well, I missed a spot. On the inside of my left elbow is a red, raised, itchy rash. Now what? My home remedy is 1/2 cup alcohol, 2 aspirin, and 2 table spoons Vick's Vapor Rub. Mix them together and apply to rashy spot every you have the urge to scratch. Over a period of time it dries out the poison ivy and it cools down the itch quite nicely.

Do you have a poison ivy remedy?


  1. Oh, dear, Aunt Debbi! I love your home remedy, though (especially if that half-cup of alcohol is ingested rather than applied!). Sure beats my mother's hated Calamine lotion!

  2. LOL @Ben!
    I hate Poison Oak! When I get that I am miserable too! Alcohol does work the best. Calamine is worthless. I have even tried the spray on cortizone. Works for about a min. I hope yours goes away soon!!!!

  3. I'm copying your remedy. We have PI in the front yard, and I double glove and bag it as I pull it, but the sh*t keeps coming back! So far, knock wood, I've not broken out, but i know that one day I will!

  4. Oh, now I'm getting itchy thinking about it. Because Robert and I were transplanting bushes yesterday and happened upon a patch. Washed real good. But you never know what small area you missed!

  5. Oh Debbi! Didn't you go through this last year? Or was that Brenda? Sounds like alcohol works best (does that mean you drink it or wear it??) :)

  6. OFB, The second half cup of alcohol is ingested. I added a crushed benadryl to it this morning. ahhhhh....much better.

    Cindee, It is much better, but I may have removed a layer of skin.

    Nola, I got that recipe from a little old lady. Little old ladies have the best home remedies.

    Brenda, you need to be careful. Seriously.

    Linda, Brenda had the horrible case last year. I just get minor irritations compaired to that. Drink it or wear it - both.