Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ranting and Raving about Stupid Self Important People

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This is what we have been dealing with for two weeks. This is the street next to our house. These are the parents who cannot read the sign. They are so important they cannot get in line with the rest of the parents to pick up their children. They are so privileged that they think they are allowed to endanger the lives of all of the children who walk home from school. They also do not think that stop signs and cross walks apply to them. Oh and that speed limit, well that is for everyone else. Last week one of these very important people almost ran over Middle Monkey. Today one of them almost hit Baby Monkey. The school does not feel they should enforce the pick up and drop off policy and the police are too busy writing tickets up on the highway to spend fifteen minutes in the afternoon to make sure the children get home safely. I am sure all of that money they make from writing tickets is way more important that the lives of children after all. While I was taking these pictures, a lady parked totally illegally rolled down her window and asked if I didn't have something better to do. Well, no I don't have something better to do than try to insure that my children make it home from school alive. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. The picture only shows one car. There were at least ten lined up in the do not load zone and wrapped around to in front of our home. One creep actually parked in our driveway. Don't ever buy a house next to a school. Seriously


  1. I hear you! This is terrible.

    The last nursery that I worked in was right across from a elementary school, with two entrances, many parents would either cut across our parking lot to get to the school and beat others waiting for the light, or park in our lot.

    My car is dinged, scratched, and bumped from these people who had absolutely no problem leaving their vehicles in our lot all day, during the busy spring season, our own customers could not find parking.

    One of the staff had his foot run over by a School Mom in her SUV, and she told him that he should watch out where he was walking.

    It really is just a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Insist that the Police come and monitor this situation. Ask for the volunteer speed control groups in your area to help out. Write your local newspaper, complain, call the local news, get people involved, call the school board. Your children's lives are too precious to waste.

    The more people that know what is happening, the more likely they will change their behaviour.

    I hope that they can resolve this soon.


  2. That is so, so wrong Deb, isn't there something that can be done? Someone you can complain to? How about a letter to your local paper?
    Nothing is more important than the safety of our kids. Nothing. You should have written down that woman's number plate, that would have really got to her!

  3. Jen, I am so on this. The other pictures I have show license plates and kids being picked up in the middle of the road. I have email this stuff to the police department and will send it on to our "oh we don't want to rock the boat" new paper. The don't like conflict. Rat Finks.

    Foxy, In order to proctect, don't ask me why, their privacy, I did not post the pictures of their license plates. I have them, yes I do. One SUV actually has a business name and phone number on it. That mom decided to tell me to find something better to do than protect our children. What the hell.

  4. How universal is this? I walk our two to school (around the corner from our house) so they don't get run over. I am the crazy dad who chases down drivers and yells at them. I hate confrontation too, but will happily kick those cars. Twits.

  5. Keep calling the police and complaining ~ DAILY! The squeaky wheel gets greased; if you are a big enough pain, they will send someone out. Go to the city council meetings and the newspaper. Get the word out; cities hate to look like the bad guy and won't want negative publicity of putting kids in danger. Those people who think they are entitled piss me off!

  6. That kind of inconsideration drives me insane!
    Your readers are right - keep complaining.
    Have you tried the local news station?

  7. Debbie .. it makes me crazy as well .. we have Canadian red-necks ? (god ? is that possible .. YUP !) who were SPEEDING their snowmobiles up and down our streets because we live on a double cul du sac .. no through traffic .. now this is during heavy snowfall when kids love to run around and play in the snow .. thank god I think the police actually came and put a stop to it because it IS ILLEGAL in a residential zone .. that is what the country ? is for ?
    People who blatantly go against the rules/law are totally selfish soulless egotistical ********** .. I think you got my drift girl .. and yes, we knew buying a house near a school would be impossible for us to live there .. I'm sorry you are having such crap happen girl.

  8. Hi Debbi,
    I so understand how you feel. I work at a school and watch parents ignore sigs in our driveway and pick-up area. Then they wonder why their children are always in trouble for not following the rules. I guess they don't realize the bad example they are setting. We have parents who cut through our grass around the flagpole just to avoid waiting their turn in line! You should definitly not give up and accept it.

  9. Take video and give it to the news channel for a story.

    One time I was on a four lane road and in one of the two lanes going opposite direction of me a school bus was stopped with the lights & signs so I stopped (mind you I was in the far right lane and school bus in far left going opposite direction) and the person behind me went around me and past hte school bus which I believe is illegal EVERYWHERE to pass a stopped school bus. Anyway, the bus driver shook her finger at her as to say "no, no, no" and the driver put her arm way out of the car (where even I could see it) and flipped the bus driver the bird!

    Apparently this person ahs moved to your neighborhood.

    Maybe the police can put some cones up for you???? I have always wanted a set of those things, LOL.

  10. Maybe you should send the photos of these culprits to the local newspaper with a short article depicting what you see when picking up your monkeys, Deb. May they all poke mascara wands into their eyes!

  11. Hugh, twits indeed. Wish we had a Dad out there with us. Maybe these idiot moms would pay attention to a man.

    Nola, I went to city hall this morning. The moms did move on at least for today. Apparently, my blatant picture taking made them feel a little uncomfortable.

    Kim and Victoria, We are a little far out for Dallas stations to cover us unless there is a bank robbery or murder. I am writing a letter to the paper, but I doubt they will print it.

    Joy, We have the same problem with four wheelers going up and down the street, rednecks, we all have them.

    Lorilee, doesn't it make you want to spread nails where they are driving and give them all flats?

    My little family, Well she sounds like quite a "Lady" Yet another fine example of a rat fink.

    Brenda, Maybe there cell phones have robbed them of active brain cells.

  12. We don't live near a school but this people are all over the place. It's a bit better because our neighborhood has "walking school buses" which has reduced vehicle traffic around the school grounds. The parking restrictions should be enforced though, that's just ridiculous. Motorcycle cops park at the school in the afternoon here to catch speeders and others.

  13. Gardeness, If only the police would do their job around here. I don't know why they are so resistant, but they are. Walking school buses, that is a new one to me. Must go check it out.

  14. Fastest way to get attention is call the mayor and all the council people. I'm sorry for you and the kiddos. Children don't pay attention so adults have to.

  15. That's awful. What is wrong with people anyway? I suppose they feel that rules are arbitrary or something.

    Have you addressed the superintendant or school board about this? I know the school would probably listen better if one of their bosses went along with you. I know you'll get it done. It's good that there are people like you who take care of these "little" problems. I'd hate to see them ignore something long enough that one of the kids actually got hurt because of them being so inconsiderate.

  16. Anna, I stopped by city hall. I have been at work the last two afternoons, but my husband says it was better today.

    Cinj, I spoke with the superintendent and he spoke to the principle who spoke to me. Today ,there was a note about how to pick up your kids responsibly. Durr.

  17. I live at the end of a deadend street that has the entrance to a walking path to a park. Except dillass people who think the pylon and "non-motorized vehicles" sign doesn't apply to them DRIVE on this wooded narrow nature walking path all the time. I've called and called but no one cares--until of course someone who is walking, running, or riding their bike on that path gets hurt. It's not even a short cut to anywhere... frankly i think people are buying drugs (same cars in and out within 19 mins) but still the police don't care. As you can tell, it irritates me no end. Part of the reason I bought my house was that there was no through traffic!!

  18. Monica, my brother and sister-in-law had to deal with the same sort of thing. They called the police over and over again until they finally did something. The drug thing is really scary.

  19. ok score deb i like the lady that said to do a video and send it to the local newspaper. channel 4 always has something that they do each night. i saw it last night but i cant think of the name of the special but i know it was on channel 4, i have no problem being center of attention i will be the one out there ranting and raving to the idiots....

  20. He Sis, It's your girls out there with my monkeys. You are more intimidating than I am, so come on lets stand in the road and rant. Your mom can take the kids when they haul us off to jail.