Friday, January 30, 2009

French Hollyhock


Because I am crazy a really good garden blogger friend. I went out into the dark and took this picture of my French hollyhock for Brenda to compare to her hollyhock. I know, I know, I have linked to her twice today. I am not a blog stalker, seriously. We won't know if we have the same thing until hers blooms. Can't wait to see what it is.

Ignore the orange under the hollyhock. We will remain calm and not question the actions of Monkeys. We do not need to know why there is an orange outside on the ground. There should only be one meltdown a week and I had mine yesterday.

Here is a picture of a French hollyhock from last summer.
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Plant facts - French hollyhock or Malva sylvestris "Zebrina" In my zone (8a) it is a biennial. It grows to about four feet and is covered with those pretty striped flowers. It reseeds like crazy, but is easy to transplant and thin. We will have plenty to share at the spring seminar plant sale.


  1. So pretty! Wish your spring sale was in Florida :)

  2. Really pretty! I'm not sure if my Hollyhocks made it or not. I'm almost afraid to go look!

  3. Very cute plant. We have them volunteering in the condo garden here. I was wondering what it was.

    Good to find out.


  4. Ah bien sur! Fromage! Tete a tete! I mean, I call my French hollyhock malva, and have not heard it called otherwise here in boring ole Michigan. I do love them, though, as well as the Alcea hollyhock.

  5. And, yes, it's nice not to have more than one meltdown per day, or even per week, if possible. :)

  6. My Mother's Garden, I bet it would grow just fine there.

    Linda, If the weather didn't kill mine, yours should be fine.

    Muddy Boot Dreams, Well now you know:)

    Monica, For a second I was trying to figure out what this plant had to do with cheese:) I am trying to cute down on my melt downs.

  7. Oh, now I'm really glad I decided to try Hollyhock this year- I have a few in the greenhouse...I'm excited now!

  8. Is the spring sale open to the public? Your hollyhocks are beautiful. I planted some last year; no blooms, but they are still green. Will plant more this years, as I adore them!
    Hey, can that kraut and sell it too; I haven't eaten home made saurkraut since my grandma died, it was sooo delish, not at all like the canned stuff!

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