Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fresh Homemade Yogurt

I have made bread since my grandfather taught me as a youngster. A little over a year ago I started using a sour dough starter gifted to us from a lovely neighbor. Back about three months ago, I put out whole wheat flour mixed with filtered water to created my own "Aunt Debbi's Kitchen Sour Dough Starter" This was colonized completely by the yeast that was already hanging around my kitchen. Several loaves of whole wheat bread have been made with this starter and have been well received.

Last winter, my kitchen was turned into an incubator to allow cabbage to become sauerkraut. The results were yuummy.

About a week ago, I decided to try to make homemade yogurt. This is the easiest kitchen creation ever. Much like sauerkraut, I can't call this cooking. All I did was put about two tablespoons of a higher quality yogurt into about a pint of skim milk, placed it in a warm spot (over the food dehydrator, but any warm place will work) and wait. Eight hours later, I had yogurt. It was not as thick as store bought yogurt, but it tasted amazing.

Most people do not eat plain yogurt. I love it. I have been making dressings for salads and just eating it. Tonight, I bought some frozen fruit (we don't have much fresh fruit around these parts right now) and made the Monkey's some smoothies with the homemade yogurt. Yogurt smoothies turned out to be a big hit around here. I am out of yogurt, but there is a new batch brewing on the food dehydrator.


  1. I love it too but mixed with rice and curry (it acts like a sauce). In India , eating yoghurt is an eveyday affair. Mainly because its good for so many things according to Ayurveda. And because a cup of chilled non-flavoured yoghurt (we call it curd) is great on a hot, humid day.

  2. What an innovative mom you are! Cooking to me is opening a can of beans. By the way, Nola and I have been wondering: Do they allow people to talk on cell phones in the library? We felt it was the last vestige of propriety around, to be silent and whisper in the library.

  3. Sunita, Thanks for the rice and curry tipe.

    Brenda, Thanks and no we do not allow cell phone use in the library. We try to keep it quiet, but don't enforce whispering. If someone gets too loud, we gently remind them they are in the library.

  4. The mother of one of my best friends when I was growing up made her own yogurt. She was born in France. She also gave my mom asparagus to grow in our garden. I have never tried making it. I have made sauerkraut! YUMMY!
    I stopped at a nursery on Saturday and was told that Hollyhocks are difficult to grow here in South Texas. I will check with another nursery before I decide if I should try or not!

  5. Those yogurt smoothies sound delicious Deb! Your monkeys must really be getting spoiled with all your wonderful creations! :)

  6. I was thinking about making some homemade yogurt. I checked a book out from the library last fall thatt included how to make yogurt. This winter is just flying by and I haven't even gotten close to getting everything done that I wanted to do.

  7. Lorilee, I grow asparagus too. The french holly hocks are a slightly different plant. If you go to the Aggie Horticulture site there is a plant finder. Just plug in your zip code and it will give you a plant list.

    Racquel, I feel sorry for their future wives.

    Cinj, Making yogurt is a no brainer. You can mix it up before bed and have yogurt for breakfast.

  8. Oh God yes Debi! You have certainly set a high standard for your monkeys' choice of wives. But if they are anything like you they'll pick it all up and be able to make all this stuff themselves.

    I am in awe of your seemingly endless talents. The lovely vegies and flowers we planted have all died due to chickens and the relentless heat.

  9. Foxy, wow thanks. Again, you are repeating everything I said in July and August sans chickens. I want chickens, but Manly Man said no. He really put his foot down, which is rare. We are in a drought right now. This winter's garden is not producing like normal. Sad:(