Friday, January 30, 2009

The Birds are Back

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I was getting really worried. Brenda and Linda both had birds at their places. We live in the same region and no birds were coming to my garden. There was even homemade suet, but nobody showed up for dinner. Today, they came in mass. I don't know what these little birds are, but they are cute, aren't they? I saw a male and female cardinal, but they flew off while I was getting the camera. Forgive the quality of the photo. I have a good excuse this time. The picture was shot through a glass door. If I had opened it, they all would have flown away.

This winter, with your help, I hope to learn what types are birds are visiting my garden. Be encouraged to school me on my birds just like y'all did when the Carolina wren flew into my mother's living room.

What birds do you have visiting?


  1. I have no idea what those birds are. You guys have bird varieties that I've never even heard of. They look like the little starlings we have here who come and finish off the chickens' seed every day.
    Good shot for it being through a glass door!

  2. Wish I could help you Deb, but I'm a novice birdwatcher myself. I have alot of sparrows, wrens & morning doves visiting my garden now. Oh & the occasional Cardinal.

  3. I was just outside listening to a cacophony of blackbirds sitting in the neighbor's tree. They were so loud!


  4. P.S. At least I think they were blackbirds... maybe they were starlings. :-)

  5. Let's see, we have: juncos, chickadees, blue jays, 5 %$#&(*!! starlings, a couple of ringnecked pheasants, redpolls, goldfinches, purple finches, downy woodpecker, a few happy crows, and probably assorted others that I don't know the names of. But the snow buntings aren't here yet and I don't know why. I hope it's not those stupid starlings.

  6. Foxy, not a starling but thanks for the suggestion.

    Racquel, the picture on wiki of a house sparrow looked just like these birds. So we have it a common sparrow.

    Cindy, hahaha, I'm sure they were crows. We had some visit here a couple of days ago and they were LOUD.

    Jodi, I take it starlings are bad. I will now go research why. I am taking your list and googling each bird.

  7. We've just had our national garden birdwatch so I know I've got at least 13 species visiting at the moment.

    Your birds look like our housesparrows - a bird that the annual birdwatch (now in its 30th year and half a million participants) has shown has declined drastically. I didn't have any in my birdwatch - I think they came over to yours for a holiday instead.

  8. VP, They are house sparrows. I will try to get them to visit you soon

  9. I spotted two unusual birds today. Very tiny, almost as tiny as hummers. With red throats. Don't know what they were and haven't had time to look them up yet. I have lots of finches, chickadees, wrens, titmice, cardinals, bluebirds. My yard has become quite popular with all the feeders.

  10. Brenda, I am just glad they finally showed up here. I hope I see some of the litte ones you described.