Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Worm food

My mom has been driving me crazy. She wants me to get a new table because my table, the table I love, only has four chairs. We are able to eat together because I have a smaller table that fits in a corner about 18 inches from the larger table. Two of the boys sit at this table. Apparently, this is not close enough. The trouble is my dining area is not big enough for a larger table. If we get a larger table we will not be able to get outside or into my office. Yet she continues her battle. Now my best friend and a sister-in-law are shopping for a table. If she gets the rest of the sisters and her best friend going there will be at least 9 people calling me to tell me about the cute table they found. I am going to scream.

We eat together and even better cook together. Tonight, we made pork chops with grilled vegetables. I put italian dressing on zuccini. Well... the oldest one, who would not eat cooked zuccini before, loved it (he will eat almost any veggie raw). The youngest hated it. He wants me to do it the other way with olive oil and a little season salt. Maybe I should let each kid season their own after its grilled.

When we move to a bigger place, we want a huge table that can seat our gigantic extended family. In the meantime, I think I will cook with my husband and boys and eat as close as we can get. Really, I can reach them if I have to.

Mom did make up for making me crazy about this stupid table by saving food scraps for my worms. She freezes them (the scraps not the worms)so they dont smell up her kitchen. She saves vegetable and fruit peals and stuff that is going bad. She forgets egg shells and coffee grounds, but I will take what I can get.

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  1. You scream anyway! You wanted "the right CUTE " table,....bite the bootie...I don't care where you eat. BLOG AWAY!