Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Almost went down in the night.

We keep the rabbits in the back of the garden between the regular compost bin and the worm bin. I felt sorry for them tonight because it is so cold and went out to make sure they had plenty of water and food. Well they were out of water and they are always hungry. On my way back inside to refill the water bottle, I tripped on an old 6" container and almost fell into the borage (a medicinal herb). I made it inside and got their water and food back out to them, but boy was I embarrassed. I don't know who I think will see me out in the garden on a freezing Tuesday night at 10:00, maybe just the rabbits. I guess I just gave anyone who happens on this blog a pretty funny visual.


  1. I saw you and it was hilarious!!
    signed, your secret admirer