Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Green Eggs and Buck Roses

I worked for a dear friend today. We cut back and pruned some of her Buck roses. They were very large as she has not been able to prune them. They were part of a rose trial and had to be left completely alone - no pesticide, no fungicide, no fertilizer, no deadheading, no nothing period. I don't know how she did it. I'd have cheated and deadheaded. This is why I am not allowed on rose trials.

It was a very pleasant, if somewhat cold day. I really enjoyed myself. I came away with some goodies; cuttings of five types of Buck Roses to propagate and cool colored eggs from her chickens. Yes, the chickens lay colored eggs -green and brown. The varieties (of the roses not the chickens) are Enchanted Autumn, April Moon, Earth Song, and Barn Dance. Oops, I seemed to have mislaid a label again and don't know the name of the fifth rose. Aren't the other names lovely. Oh yeah, here it is, it's called Prairie Flower.

I am still waiting for your zones. Here is the map. Make me happy. Participate in the poll.

Okay, for all my sisters, you are in zone 8. Oh, not you Birdie you are in zone 6, I think. Are you still in Texas?

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