Friday, January 25, 2008

Wet weather ramblings

It didn't freeze and the bunnies are still mad at me.

It is also cold and wet and miserable. Winter makes me seriously crazy. I need to be outside, bad. I wish I was a brave, tough, stoic gardener who could work outside in all kinds of weather. Like our Daddy Jake- weather didn't keep him inside. Sadly, I am a cold, wet weather wimp. I run outside, my nose starts to run, I start to whine, and I run back inside. This takes about 14 seconds. Below are purchases I made this cold wet afternoon on a trip to a big box store with my manly man. He bought me Schlotzky's. I love him. The seeds are out and I picked some that will grow in the early spring, before we get to 10,0000 degrees outside. If you live here in Texas this happens fast. Spring is maybe our shortest growing season.

I found Mary Washington asparagus crowns. My asparagus was really hurt in the drought the year before last.

Notice the wheat penny I found yesterday and the jelly stain one of my monkeys left on my table cloth-nice. My mom made the quilt block, isn't it pretty?

Need to take these new purchases to the greenhouse and get them started.



  1. 2 words.....TANNING SALON.... its what keeps crazy people crazy in the winter. I mean not crazy!!stop it... no you. voices, voices, voices

  2. I would burn like bacon. My voices are telling me to eat chocolate. I love my voices

  3. You have a greenhouse? I am green with envy.

  4. Check out my greenhouse monkey under the monkey label