Sunday, February 17, 2008


I just needed to add one more thing today. Two year-old L-Monkey Girl is learning to use the potty. We had a birthday party for #1 brother or "The King of all Monkeys." Our family consists of Opa and Grammy, seven brothers and sisters, six spouses of brothers and sisters, and eleven monkeys ages 15 to 6 months. During dinner Brother #3 dashed throught the the house carrying his only monkey, L-Monkey Girl, trying to make it to the bathroom. They made it. A few minutes later L-Monkey girl comes out and announces "I did it, I used the potty." 25 people burst into applause and L-Monkey girl was very proud.


  1. Yeah! WhoooHoo!! Good job little monkey!

  2. She needs all the positive reinforcement she can get. Or we need to send her for the weekend with the other girl cousin monkeys and let them train her.