Saturday, February 16, 2008

What I Did on a Cold Wet Day

It was too cold and wet to do any gardening today. I spent most of the day trying to keep my feet warm and cutting up old blue jeans to make another blue jean blanket. The one above is Middle Monkey's. The one I worked on today is for Baby Monkey. Teenage Monkey has a beutiful log cabin quilt I made with Mom. Well she pieced the top and I quilted it. We have a big bag of old worn out blue jeans the boys have outgrown and torn up so bad they cannot be handed on. Manly Man goes through a lot of jeans also. He has to wear a knee brace that rubs holes in his pants. Posted by Picasa


  1. I love it!! I helped my daughter make one of these when she was home from college on Christmas break a few years ago. I've still got lots of denim to cut into squares to do one for myself. I like how you "finished" the seams. I think I'll do mine that way instead of the traditional way.

  2. Why thank you. Middle Monkey really enjoys that blanket. I think Baby Monkey was jealous. The raw seams are a lot easier to make than finishing it. Just make a really big seam say an inch and then cut slits in the seam allowance, wash the thing, and it fuzzes right up.

  3. Hey aunt debbie !
    How are the little penguins doing ? Hope they don't give each other head concussions .. but it does keep them busy right ? LOL
    Love the blue jean blanket ! .. I have never seen one before .. what a great idea ! .. especially for kids.
    Good past time to make the cold wet day go by .. for me it would be the "cold, 7 foot of snow days/nights .. go into hibernation, where is my stash of chocolate ... go by ????? LOL
    Joy : )

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  5. Oh how funny -- my daughter has a blue jean quilt just like this that my mom made for her. She kept all the little pearls and embroidered butterlies, and other pretties on the squares. It's really cool looking. I remember now that you like to quilt. I have a mom and sister who are very much into it, and the rest of us are the grateful recipients!

  6. We have one quilt swipping sisiter. The rest take what is offered to them.