Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Rose of 2008

Here is my first rose bloom of 2008. The rose is Martha Gonzales. It will be covered with these blooms in a few weeks. The folage has a bronze cast. One of my favorite roses.
Is there a first rose bloom competition?
Did I win?
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  1. Sorry Debbie, my roses have been blooming for sometime now.....but I'm cheating..I live in Florida ;)
    Truth is the roses in Florida are a far cry from roses grown more to the north. They really need that winter chill to set nice buds..My favorite is called Lavande....oh so fragrant.
    Rees Cowden

  2. Hi Rees. Florida has officially been disqualified:) I will check out that rose. I love the frangrant varieties.

  3. Take it from me Debbie .. that you will beat all of us here in Ontario girl ! haha
    Have you ever grown "Orange Velvet" or "Blossomtime" .. I ordered them for spring planting (might happen in July at this rate) .. just wondered if their fragrance is as strong as I hope it will be.
    Nice bloom !

  4. No. I am really only planting antiques or earth kind designated. My yard is too tiny to plant everything I want to. I will take a look at them.

  5. This is a stunning rose! It does look old fashioned. I hope your speaking engagement went well.

  6. Thank you. Martha G is one of my very favorites and it stays small. The speaking engagement went great. We had fun.

  7. uhhh...roses? I'm still in awe over the crocuses blooming - lol!

  8. The daffs are putting on a better show than the roses right now.

  9. Yep, you win!
    I had to move 3 of my roses this year -- Mdm. Dame Decour, Vincent Godsiff and Marie Pavie.
    Then, hubs made me cut back my 15 yr. old Mutabilis (sp?) so he could paint the south side of the house... it had grown as tall as the eaves and 12 ft. wide. I bought that rose from Rosa Finsley, herself, at King's Creek Garden's. She said that they usually tell people that the Mutabilis grows 5 ft. tall and 5 or 6 ft. wide...then she grinned and said,but if you put it on a south wall, stand back... She wasn't kidding. :)

  10. Vonne. I worked for Redenta's who bought Kings Creek and then sold it. It is now Petal Pushers, unless it has changed hands again. The Dallas Redenta's had a Mutabilis that is at least 15 feet tall. The thing is pruned to look like a tree. I put mine on the corner of my front boarder. It does not have enough room so I have to prune it to keep it under control.

  11. Oh good, so that means you can prune a mutabilis a lot and not hurt it? This is only the 2nd. time I've pruned it, and I had to give it a serious hair cut. I'm not very experienced at rose pruning, so I avoid it. I know, practice make perfect, but I be scare't. :)
    I was still going to King's Creek after it was Redenta's. I got aggrivated when they integrated the native plants in with the froo-froo plants though and quit going. I liked being able to walk directly to the native plant section. I did visit again last spring and it was Petal Pushers. Seems like they were making an effort to keep natives and adapted plants together again. Vicky was still working there! It was good to see her again.
    These days, the Greenery in Wax. is doing such a nice job with natives and organics, I rarely go anywhere else, except for the occasional trip to Weston Garden's, of course. :)
    Btw, today when y'all were bouncing around on debris in the back of the truck...We were doing the very same thing. We almost got stuck too. I also got sunburned. Hubs got tanned. :(
    Have a good wkend!

  12. Vonne, sorry I missed this comment. I always forget to go back to the posts that are not on fhte front page.