Thursday, March 6, 2008

Winter Weather One More Time

I know, I know, I cried wolf on Monday and we got nothin. But today, they are saying we are going to freeze and may get snow tonight. It is wet so there will be ice. Right now it is just a cold cold wet rain.

I know my northern and Canadian friends think I am being a big fat baby. Ya'll don't understand. We are unable to handle freezing water in this part of Texas. We can't drive. Our electricity goes out. We don't all have fire places. We have lost our mittens.

The driving is really a problem. We can barely handle cold water. You should have seen us trying to get to the quilt shop in the cold rain today. Some idiot decided to drive 17 miles an hour down the highway. We almost got creamed in the rear by an 18 wheeler because of this moron. Mamala had road rage. She said "Damn" a lot. If we actually get ice on the road we all will slide all over the place. Into ditches, into each other, into our garage doors. It's pretty much a pick-up-truck drivin rodeo.

We can't stand up on ice either. There will be booty bruises. It is kind of fun to stand at the back window and watch my neighbors fall down.

I'm staying home.

If I had a super power, it would be the ability to control the weather.

What would your super power be?


  1. Controller of the World. :)

  2. Definitely fly, I have too many friends in too many places. I want to fly to them and visit!

    Teleport would be nice too, can super hero's teleport?

  3. Vonne, that is way too much responsibility. Would you be a good diety or a bad diety? This is never going to end. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

    Melanie, I love those flying dreams.

    Manly man wants to time travel.

  4. Debbie ... if I say "neener neener neener !" .. something like sticking my tongue out ? LOL
    Seriously .... I know the driving is a problem .. but guess what ? .. Canadians act STUPID too on the roads and we have our share of accidents too .. so living in the great white north does not insure sanity on the roads for us either !
    Good luck with the travel plans though .. hubby is headed to South Carolina with friend for a golf week .. the sound of peace and quiet here that week ? LOL

  5. Yes, I know I shouldn't giggle at y'alls plight, but...
    Is there a 'giving common sense' super power? Cause, I want that one! Although, I'd probably never get a good nap.

  6. I actually have the super power of the ability to nap almost no matter what. How's that?

    Guess what ladies. It snowed. The monkeys are outside right now trying to learn how to make swowballs.

  7. Ha! Loaded question, indeed. It's according to your definition of good or bad, I suppose. Sort of gives you a headache just thinking about it, eh?

    Btw, I missed the falling snow...Slept right thru it. Got up this morning to white stuff on the ground.
    So cool that baby monkey got to play in his first snow!
    You should have seen my chickens... it was too funny - Have you ever seen a chicken tippy-toe? :)

  8. This is really bad, and I shouldn't tell you. But I took one of the spankin manx outside and set her in the snow. She bounced. I mean BOUNCED about three feet. I know it was mean, but it was funny. Tippy-toe Chickens. I want a chicken:)

  9. family says I am the Queen of Everything... so maybe my super power should be the ability to do it all?

  10. I was under the impression that you are:) How in the world do you keep up with all the critters?

  11. LoL....I'd like to have seen the Manx Bounce. :)

    Want a chicken? I know where you can get one -
    A friend has a sign on her gate as you're leaving, that reads -
    "Don't forget to take your complementary Rooster" :)

  12. Yes I want a chicken. However, Manly Man, who gives me everything, actually put his foot down about chikens on a quarter acre lot. I cannot imagine why.