Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sometimes, I Feel Like This

I am back home from Conroe. We had a blast. I will post more about the trip in the next few days.
Yesterday I received a few phone calls from Manly Man and the Sisters. First Baby Sister became engaged Saturday morning. Her man purposed on a hike outside of Albuquerque. Her ring is gorgeous and he is the nicest guy. It is a long story, but he managed to get a ring that was first seen in Canton, Texas but was actually for sale in Longview, Texas. He managed to buy it and have it mailed to him in Albuquerque NM. I must explain that he never actually saw the ring before he purchased it. He picked out the ring she wanted from a couple of bad cell phone pictures. He kept this a secret from our busy body family for six weeks and was able to surprise Baby Sister on a mountain. Good job West Man, GOOD JOB.
Later in the day, Manly Man called. First was the news that gasoline is being stolen from our vehicles. Someone siphoned gas from my truck while he was asleep. To top that off MY RABBIT WAS PREGNANT. As you may know, Lucy is now Mario, and Starr is still Starr. Well yesterday, Starr started pulling out her belly hair. Today I came home to three surviving baby bunnies. She is a first time mom, so we will have to wait and see how this turns out. Mario has been banished to the dog kennel for really bad behaviour and hiding his true gender for nearly a year. BAD BUNNY, VERY VERY BAD.
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  1. Debbie ... wow ! now how romantic is that I ask you ? .. your baby sister has a great "catch" there !
    And the naughty bunny charade .. are you sure a sex change operation didn't happen while you were sleeping girl ? LOL
    Loved the stolen garbage escapde !

  2. Glad you had a great time, but sorry about the stolen gas! I'm afraid we'll be seeing more of that as prices continue to rise. Not a great comment on human nature! And, er, what are you going to do with the new bunnies? Hope they're cuties! (Yes, West Man sounds like a keeper. That took a lot of thought and effort--a good sign.)

  3. Hi Joy and ourfriendben,

    Manly Man admitted this morning that he has known for months what West Man was going to do. Sneaky sneaky men. I cannot imagine why they would not trust six sisters to keep a secret.

    I don't have a clue what is going to go down with these rabbits. As I said, she is a first time mom and they may not make it.

  4. Hey Deb! Glad to see you're back and had a good time!
    How romantic is that? Indeed, good job West Man.

    Gas around here is $3.60-ish. Ridiculous even for my little Daewoo. heehee -Jen :)

  5. Debbi, you never cease to make me smile. Congrats to your baby sis. Bad bunny indeed!~~Dee

  6. Hi Jen, It was 3.46 yesterday and a friend in California says she paid over $4. We are going to have to quit driving so much. Yes little sister did good.

    Hi Dee, she is a lucky girl and that rabbit is literally in the dog house.

  7. I agree with all the above, but I just have to say -- I LOVE that pic and the caption that goes with it. LOL!

  8. Hi vonne. Glad you like the picture. That bird was working hard and getting no where. Sometimes I do feel like that, sigh.

  9. Girl...sometimes you make all your stories flow into one big funny story that I have a hay day with--so here goes.

    Wait till the baby bunnies are born and have the DNA tested to see who is stealing the gas. It isn't the boy bunnies fault and he knows it but can't talk so he's having anxiety issues. All you sisters surely can't keep a secret so no way are any of the men folk going to tell anyone about a ring in any part of the country for sale until it's been bought and safely on the finger of the proposed to.

    Now I'm lauging--are you? You tell great stories and I love them.

  10. Opps--the babies are already born--get them tested and see who the father may be the one stealing the gas.

  11. Anna, DNA testing. My dad's a vet. I can't wait until I ask him to do it. I am cracking up.

    Thanks, I am glad you are having fun, your response was funnier than my crazy life.

  12. Hi Deb,

    Congrats to your baby sis - how romantic was that! We've been to Albuquerque and have fond memories of our holiday in NM.

    As for petrol (gas) - it's just hit £5 a gallon here, that's about 10 dollars in your money :(

  13. Thanks VP. She is pretty happy.

    Wow, I can't believe how high the fuel is for you over there. I guess we should get prepared. It is only going to continue to rise here too.