Thursday, May 8, 2008

To tired to make a real post.

I am tired. Today I fit in a broke down 1971 VW Bug, two maintenance customers, getting monkeys and monkeys' cousins to and from school, and two master gardener committee meetings in two different parts of the county. I will be back tomorrow with the wild flower of the week. I think we will talk about Gilardia. I am too tired to look up Gilardia if it is misspelled I apologize.

Bye bye and good night.

I almost forgot. Remember when we were worried about an alien invasion. Okay, the weird eyeball-like thing was actually a gall. Well, explain this. There is an X, that's right a giant X mowed in my front lawn. Do you think it was Martians or Monkeys?


  1. Dear Debbie .. OUCH ! .. I understand how you feel .. today is another beautiful day but I finally have to admit I'm in too much pain and stiffness to ROMP in my garden today. A time out is needed. Girl ... you really need one too .. the only solution is to get in that ALIEN ship in your front yard where the mysterious X is and get a break from everything .. I'll meet you at 9 .. AM or PM ? LOL
    PS .. do the monkeys know how to drive that thing by the way ?

  2. Okay Joy, I will let go of the fear and get in the spaceship. I am assuming the martians cannot make me go to a meeting about rainwater harvesting or a publishing something. Being probed would be easier:)

  3. Ha!!!! Sounds like you need to settle down with a glass of wine and watch "Earth Girls Are Easy," one of the funniest movies about aliens ever made. Check out THAT spaceship!!! (It's not July, so "Independence Day," another all-time fave, will just have to wait.)

  4. I don't know. Don't you live in my part of the woods? Perhaps there is something extra-terrestrial going on with houses and lawns!

  5. Hi ofb, I think I will try to find Earth Girls are Easy. It sounds funny.

    Hi Brenda, yep theres some weird stuff going on around here.

  6. That's a lot of stuff to fit in to a 1971 VW Bug. You might want to trade it in for a 1972 model. I hope you feel better today. Hugs!

  7. Hi anna, I guess I should have read that sentence a little more closely. hahaha.