Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Buggin You

I hope this works. A friend sent this to me tonight and it is darling


  1. That was hysterical!

  2. I especially liked the end.~~Dee

  3. One more comment. I think your blog has one of the cutest headings out there in blogdom. How did your sister-in-law do it?

  4. G’day there Kurt’s Mom
    I’d just like to say
    You’re doing quite well
    With your blogs today.

    You’ve never had poetry
    In a response to a post?
    Well I’d like to fix that
    You deserve the utmost!

    You sound really nice
    With a great family
    Those strapping young lads
    You call the ‘monkeys’

    Your blogs are quite full
    Of sensational pics
    Of big plants and compost
    And widdle wabbits

    You’ve got some good stories
    Of corn snakes and toads
    The best place for them
    Is squished on the roads

    You’ve got compost germs
    Over which you have power
    And you’ve got pretty pics
    Of a Hibiscus flower

    I like the addition
    Of the news from today
    A word and an article
    And a famous birthday

    My particular fave
    Is “Today in History”
    Though sometimes the quote
    Can be a mistery

    I’m likin’ your stories
    ‘Bout the nosey cop
    Your brand new rain barrel
    And the Chelsea Chop

    I hope I have placed
    Some light in your day
    I do try my best
    In any which way

    Now I must go
    And get me some sleep
    And you’ve got a tribe
    Of monkeys to keep

    So well done again
    On your cool website
    And thanks for the stories
    They’re a real delight!

  5. Hi all, I thought that was just the cutest thing. Very happy to link it. That said, I feel like I have the nicest most funny bloggy buddies out there. Thanks for the nice comments and warm fuzzys.

    How about that sweet poem from Giviny de Elba wee bro? Very fun. Thanks you so much.


  6. Oh Sherry, I almost forgot to answer the question. She has been learning all sorts of blogging and online scrap booking stuff. Here site In Stitches (one of my links) shows some of the other stuff she is into. She emails me the code, and I install it. No clue what she does to make it. But I will ask and get back to you. And thank you, I think she did a great job. Even sweeter, I didn't ask, it was a blog present.