Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Look What I Found on the Fennel

I counted five black swallowtail caterpillars on my fennel this afternoon. They made it to their last instar. The wasps didn't see them until it was to late. Looks like they will make it.

Remember the exploding cabbage. This is it's cousin the murdered watermelon.

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  1. I don't think the Wenches Against Watermelon Abuse, or WAWA to their friends, will be taking action on this one either. A few good watermelon must die each summer. C'est ls vie. Hey, nice cleaver!

  2. I sure wish I had the common sense to make use of all the veggies and herbs that you do! You "waste not" and that is a good thing! I'm sort of off the point today, but had to say that!

  3. WWW, Glad WAWA understand. They are martyred for a good cause.

    Thanks Brenda, no need to stay on topic. We wander around here alot and occasionally a sister fracus will break out. Been pretty quiet around these parts lately, wonder where the sisters are?

  4. My counterpart is correct - WAWA will not take action on this case. We're too busy trying to figure out how to transfer some of your heat wave to our cool and dreary Pacific Northwest.
    But be warned - we're watching you! First cabbages, then watermelons. Egads, what's next??
    - Wing Nut
    P.S. Nice knife! I say knife, she says cleaver. Whatever - we like it.

  5. What a gorgeous photo of fennel flowers/foliage and caterpillar in exact color echo!!!! I'd like to have that framed!!!

    As for the unfortunate watermelon, looks like somebody (ahem) was channeling Sweeney Todd. And yes, I do remember the cabbage carnage very fondly!

  6. Wing nut, Whew, that's a relief. I got away with it again. Sorry you are still cold.

    ofb, why thank you. Every once in a while my camera takes a decent picture inspite of my horrible photography skills.

    BTW- Baby Monkey did it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  7. I love the coloring on the caterpillars. Do they eat a lot?

    That watermelon looks so cool and refreshing!

  8. Hi Shala, Yes they eat a lot of dill and/or fennel. Grow extra.

    That watermelon is goooood.

  9. Debbie ... I have had fennel (bronze and purple .. are they the same thing ?) .. and dill .. well just about every thing I can think of to draw these guys in .. and nada .. nothing' .. WHY ??????????
    What am I doing wrong ? why won't they visit me ?????? JEEZ !

  10. I don't know joy. I looked up a butterfly watching group in canada and they have them in toronto.