Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bog Update

Here is my plant list for the bog.
Saurrus cernus - Lizards tail #3 1 gallon plants
Equisetum hyemale - Horsetail reed #3 1 gallon plants
Salvia uliginose - Bog Sage #3 1 gallon plants
Miscanthus sinensis "strictus" Zebra grass #1 3 gallon plant (variety is very important on this one)
Phalaris aruninacea - Ribbon Grass #2 3 gallon plants
Vallisneria americaa - Water celery #3 1 gallon plants
Crinum Americanum -Bog lilly #4 1 gallon plants
Houttuynia cordata - Camerleon plant #4 1 gallon plants
Juncus effusus spiralus - Corkscrew rush #2 1 gallon plants
Umbrella sedge

Carnivorous plants
Sarracenia alta - Texas pitcher plant #6 1 gallon plants
Drosera capillaris - Pink sundew #10 4" plants
Drosera bevifolia - Red sundew #10 4" plants

I need one more native Texas carnivorous plant. Any suggestions?


  1. I don't know much about bogs. I can't even have much water out aside from the pond, which has a pump of course, due to the tons of mosquitoes attacking me. They seem glued to my storm door, just waiting for a victim!

  2. I don't know anything about blogs, but I look forward to seeing pics when you get it all planted.

  3. Brenda, get some of those mosquito fish. They have kept the skeeters out of our little water garden just fine.

    PG, I will post on each step of this garden.

  4. Sorry, no clue. I've never done a bog. I don't know anything about carniverous plants. I've never even been to Texas. Probably not your go-to-gal for a question of this nature. (but if you ever want to hear about driving in snow, call me first!) I look forward to seeing your progress though!

  5. Hi cinj, we hardly ever get snow. We do get some ice on the roads almost every year. Can you help with that?

  6. Ooh! I have one: how about Payrus sedge? I got some for my tub water gardens, and it's really cool. (Okay, NOT native, but still cool. :)

  7. Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

    - Johnson