Monday, July 7, 2008

Ronde de Nice Squash

I picked my first squash today. Here is a picture of a little baby Ronde de Nice zucchini. Isn't it cute? I think I am going to bake it with a tomato, Parmesan cheese, and garlic.

This is the first year we have grown squash, beans, and corn together in the three sisters style. It is working out fantastic. I stink at growing corn and the squash bugs usually get my plants after just a few fruits are picked. Not so this year, the corn is gorgeous, the squash bugs are confused, and the beans are doing great as usual.

We have to leave the corn in after it produces because it is supporting the beans. This fall, after everything is done, we will pull them out and make a scarecrow from the cornstalks.
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  1. What a cute little squash. Sounds like you are going to have a yummy dinner.

  2. Can I come to dinner? It is a cute little baby. You're so good at gardening, so I'm sure you've tried herbs to surround your veggies. I haven't planted a lot of veggies, but that's what I hear.

  3. If I were a squash...I'd be a Rhonda one just like that!!!

  4. Thanks WWW. It tasted good too.

    hi pg, it was good.

    Hey brenda, we have herbs mixed in the the veggies.


  5. Debbie ... love the little squash (do you really have to eat him ?.. what about catch and release ?.. please don't tell me when you do it .. I want to remember him like this ?
    The scarecrow after the harvest thing .. BRILLIANT !!!!!
    I am so ready for Autumn right now .. I think the raccoon issue has knocked the 'stuffing" out of me .. BIG sigh !
    Poor little squash ... another BIG sigh ....
    Joy "who wants to save cute little squashes" ? is that how they are spelled ? ... : )

  6. Yum! That squash looks great! I love the round ones! Next year, you'll have to add a 'Lemon Squash' plant or two to go with it--they look like that but are a bright cream yellow. According to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (which also highly recommends 'Ronde de Nice'), the 'Lemon Squash' has huge yields and is extremely disease-resistant. I love the Three Sisters concept and am glad it's working well for you!

  7. I think I am going to try the 3 sisters stlye next spring.

  8. Joy, they won't be so cute in about two weeks when there are a billion of them. Glad you like the scarecrow idea. I will be checking out your halloween posts for ideas.

    Well, I certainly must find those lemon sqaush seeds. That would just make such a pretty meal. I didn't expect that planting to work, but it has. Pretty soon I will post a picture of the red noodle beans.

    Sam, I highly recommend it. I can plant more in a smaller space and the plants really do seem to be doing better.

  9. If food prices continue to climb, I'm turning my back yard into a farm...soon.

  10. Hi momo, thanks for stopping by. I think many people are resorting to gardening to help out with food costs.

  11. Great job! I always wanted to try the "three sisters" planting, glad to hear it works so well.

  12. Hi sarah glad you stopped by. Need to go by and check your blog out.