Friday, July 25, 2008

Silly Garden Art

VP over at Veg Plotting shared a tour of her garden whimsies today. Yesterday there was an adorable picture of a snail.

She inspired me to share another picture of Senor Werm. Someday someone will teach me how to use this keyboard and I will be able to make the little squiggle over the n. Anyway, we want to see your garden whimsies. That's right, we want pictures of funny little statues or art pieces you keep in the garden. Leave me a comment and I will link your post. If no one plays, I will have to lurk and link. Don't make me lurk.
Cinj has a cute gazing ball holding frog over at Cinj's chat room.
Anna has a bunny planter over at Woody and Herbaceous. Well, on second look, she pretty much has bunnys everywhere.
Perrenial Garden Lover has a really cool Scarecrow and turtles and a bird bath
Brenda at the Brenda Blog has a whole bunch of cute garden art. I particularly like the beetle
While it is not silly or garden art, Momo Falis has beautiful pictures of Hocking Hills and some cool pathways. It's my blog and I will link what I want to.
Crafty Gardener went all out for this challenge over at The Gardener Side. There is even a slide show. Check it out.
Karen over at Artist's Garden has a cartoon that made me smile.
Karen at Home Free, has dressed up some rocks in some very cute knitwear.
Tina at in the garden has bowling balls
The Lurking List
Weed Wackin Wenches have a darling picture of Diva Dog
Joy at Gardenjoy4me has a darling bunch of bench warmers
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  1. Debbie - Senor Werm is just brilliant. I can imagine him wriggling across my lawn.

    Thanks for the links!

    Have a great weekend

  2. You are welcome vp, hopefully we will have a lot more cuteness to look at soon.

  3. Statues? Did you say statues? Cuz I've got a ton of them, so many I seem to get laughed at sometimes. Give me a few minutes and I'll find some of the more whimsical ones to contribute.

  4. All I have is bunnies but they've been good about staying still while I take their photo. I'll get mine to ya soon. I would say I like your worm--but that just sounds wrong.

  5. Thanks for playing cinj. you are linked.

    I linked your bunnies and if you do another post you get a second. BTW you worm comment made my teenager snort.

  6. Senor Werm is adorable. I don't have anything that whimsical in my garden, just a couple of turtles that my husband's grandma gave me. They were part of her water garden, they can spray water out their mouths. :)

  7. Bunnies just for you-- and a cat!

    You are fast if you got my bunnies up already.

  8. OH--that I see--well here is a bunch more.

  9. Pg, I found a cutie scarecrow on your blog. I didn't see the turtles, but I am not done lurking.

    Anna, got your additional bunnies. I think you need a real bunny, maybe Idalou shoud come live with you.

  10. I posted my whimsy today Deb. Here is the link:

  11. Senor Werm looks like he could do an excellent job in your compost pile, too!
    I don't have any whimsy in my garden right now--too busy just adding plants. But I'll have to check out some of these posts that do. Thanks for the links.

  12. gottcha pg.

    Hi rose thanks for stopping by

  13. Lots of response to this! Great! I am posting my whimsy on the 31st. Did you know GGW is also doing this? Yours ties in well.

  14. Oh, I just took some shots for Hopsccotch and Hydrangeas Virtual Baby Shower and posted yesterday! But I shall go back out into the garden today and take some more. I have wonderful ones from in Tulsa. Go take a look at their sculpted steel goodies for the garden! It's where my daughters buy me gifts!

  15. Hi tina, I had no clue. VP just inspired me to play.

    Hi brenda, I will be by soon.

  16. Aw man! I got nothing! How about dirt? You want a picture of my dirt?

  17. I momo, we can work with dirt. Let me go take a look.

  18. Opps, that was supposed to be Hi Momo. Typing impairment syndrome has set in.

  19. Now that is a challenge that I just couldn't resist.
    Stop by and visit The Gardener Side and see some of my garden whimsy.

  20. Hi Aunt Deb
    I have nothing in the way of garden art or whimsy (sigh)
    but it has been fun looking at everyone's. So glad you ran with this.

  21. I love that little worm! Thanks so much for sharing him!

  22. Thanks Karen, I had a good time doing it.

    Hi Chey, That may be the silliest thing I have ever purchase. He makes me smile every time I see him.

  23. This couple is on the deck railing overlooking the garden. What fun seeing what others are doing!

  24. I posted my bit of whimsy at: