Tuesday, August 5, 2008

You Think The Weather is Hot Wait til You Taste This

James at Double Danger wanted to know how to make my hot sauce and Lisa at Miller Time had a good idea for an addition to my pickled peppers.
First gather the ingredients. Serrano peppers, chili pequeno peppers, one lonely red noodle been, sea salt, and vinegar.

Chop up the serrano peppers. Put the red serranos and chili piquenos in the food processor or blender. Put the green ones in a Mason jar. Cover the green chilis with vinegar and a little salt and store in the refrigerator. Lisa suggested putting some green beans in with the pickled peppers for a hot and tasty snack.

Add vinegar and salt to the red peppers (2 tablespoons salt per every 1/4 cup of vinegar) and process until the peppers are pureed. A blender works better, but I burned mine up this spring, so I had to use the food processor. Add additional vinegar to the peppers if needed. The sauce should be thin enough to poor easily. You DO NOT want this stuff thick. I know that is a lot of salt, but this is a condiment, not a dip. This sauce can also be made with habaneros and scotch bonnets or a mix of all these peppers. I use whatever is ripe. If you use habaneros the sauce will be orange instead of red.

Poor the hot sauce in a glass jar and refrigerate. Now for the disclaimers
1. Aunt Debbi is not responsible if you hurt yourself.
2. Do not put the hot sauce in a container with a metal lid. It will corrode the metal. I AM NOT KIDDING.
3. Make this in a well ventilated area. If you have ever smelled pepper spray, that is approximately what this will smell like in your kitchen.
4. Wear gloves, this will burn your skin and even worse things will happen if you do it barehanded and then rub your eyes.
5. This will turn into a "Hey y'all watch this" food as bubbas try to outdo each other seeing who can eat the most.
6. Eat only in small quantities. If you eat too much you will pay for it in a horrible way the next day.
7. I am the only person in our household who can eat this stuff.
My hot sauce does not have a name. Would y'all like to name it for me?
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  1. That was fast VP. Flamethrower. I like it.

  2. I like flamethrower too.

    It sounds like a sauce that needs to come with a warning label attached! Your disclaimers had me laughing outloud. :-)

  3. Sounds scorching to me! I don't do hot, but my hubby would probably give it a try. :) Your disclaimers are pretty funny, lol

  4. Hi pg, thanks. if you make it for him be careful.

  5. Didn't mean to leave you out cindy. So far flamethrower has it. If we get more input, there may be another pole.

  6. LOL! Love the disclaimers. Looks like a good day for recipe sharing. I can hear the sizzling from up here.

    I like flamethrower too, but I'll share a few creative ideas.

    1. Hot Lips
    2. Texas Tonic
    3. Debbi's Delicious Diuretic (?)
    4. Tongue Teaser
    5. Double Dare
    6. Knock your Socks off

  7. In view of your warning about how you'll pay the next day if you eat too much....


  8. Cinj I love hot lips, but afterburner is my hands down favorite. Nancy that was way too funny.

  9. I had to laugh at Hot Lips, because that's exactly what happended to me in Bath when I chose the hot chilli sauce to go with a take away kebab.

    My lips started to swell and I had to go into the fish and chip shop next door to ask for a glass of milk to take down the swelling!

    I also like afterburner - tee hee!

    BTW there's a rather nice Salvia on sale over here called Hot Lips!

  10. Dropping by to let you know that I mentioned your blog today on my blog, though it's hard to explain what the "mention" involves. The relevant post is this one.

  11. hi VP, go figure, I have actually been to Bath. They were not selling kebabs at the time. Sorry about the chili sauce. Hot Lips salvia is available here too. It is very pretty.

    Thanks mr_subjunctive, I love the art.

  12. I'm scared, but excited about it at the same time. THANKS!

  13. Be careful james.

  14. We live just a few miles from Bath, so you've been very close to where I live :) When were you there?

  15. Vp, fifteen years ago. I used to work for a hotel chain. They sent me to England for a few days because of a good sales run. This was in my other life before monkeys.

  16. Hi y'all. I don't know what happened to the rest of the comments, but I did not delete them.

  17. dont know what is going on with the comments they keep disappearing.

  18. all your lovely comments disappeared. I picked afterburner as a name for the hot sauce.

  19. DELICIOUS!!! I love, love, love spicy foods!

  20. That sounds awesome! I make a homemade tabasco that is pretty similar but I haven't tried it with the peppers you suggested. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spicy foods!!!

  21. I dunno, I think 'Aunt Debbi's Hot Sauce' sounds eminently marketable.

  22. Debbi's Inferno
    (and then you can sing "Burn baby
    burn, DEBBI'S INFERNO, burn baby burn.." to the tune of Disco Inferno)

  23. Hi lewru, try it out. Good stuff.

    Jenn, I don't think I should sell it. Too dangerous.

    Sarah, that is too funny. Now I can't get that song out of my head.

  24. Have you tried any hot beans yet? I really like "afterburner", BTW!