Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day of School

They are off back to books and teachers. The new haircuts don't want to lie down. The house is clean and quiet.

The garden must know it is a special day. These will be blooming this afternoon or early evening. Stay tuned, I will post the picture.

My rose of Sharon bloomed. This little tree takes so much abuse. It is on a dry, hot, south facing wall and unfortunately gets too much shade from a peach tree. Poor thing never gets water. The recent rains must have given it what it needs.
The bromiliad a neighbor gave me made a pup. I need to go out and transplant it.

Here is my favorite coffee cup given to me by a sister. I think it says it all.
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  1. Perfect!

    Best looking little monkeys I have ever seen! :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. You made me cry!! Ya'll had such a grand summer. The kids went back here too---but mine have been gone from home for years so no event here except I hear school buses.

    Hope you have a happy day. We got rain!!!! I'm so thrilled.

  3. Our kids don't go back to school until after Labor Day, but I remember those bittersweet days very well. It always seemed like the official end of summer. I know, I'll hush. :) Your boys are a handsome crew. :)

  4. Yup---back to high school, back to college, back to teach college around here. But nobody in these parts looked as happy about it as your Monkeys! Go Monkeys go! Go Mom!!! And yes, that mug DOES say it all!

  5. Well, you should have more time on your hands! I know it is a bittersweet time. It always was for me. Now my four year old grandson has started. I said, "At four!" I don't even know what they call it. I didn't go until I was 6 and went directly to first grade.

  6. I hope the Monkeys had a good 1st day of school. My youngest goes back a week from tomorrow. My oldest graduated last year. :)

  7. What handsome monkeys you have.
    Lovely picture of them.

  8. Thanks Meadowviwe thymes, and have a nice week yourself.

    Don't cry Anna, it's all good. Congrats on the rain.

    Thanks ofb.

    Brenda, four is early, but I did put our oldest in K4 at a private school because he turned 5 in September.

    Thanks pg. They all had a good day. Hope your guys did too.

  9. I love that cup!

    And your Monkeys looked so cute on their first day back. But I bet they don't want to be called that ;)

  10. vp, they have gotten used to it. I've called them that since they were toddlers and started climbing.