Thursday, August 28, 2008

Morning Glories and Angels' Trumpets

Nice things happen in my garden in the morning and nice things happen in my garden at night. The Grandpa Ott’s morning glory along with the volunteer pink morning glory bloom very prettily every morning. Humming birds love to nectar on the morning glory blooms. After dark my Angel’ trumpet opens up beautiful white blooms that smells very sweet. These blooms attract a large grey moth. By midmorning all the pretty blooms are wilted and sad. I feel just like that during the heat of the day; all wilted.

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  1. It's nice to have blooms that open at different times of day. I like that my four o' clocks open later in the day and stay open all night.

  2. Your morning glories are beautiful. Something did not want my little morning glory seedlings to make it this year. :( I have always wanted to grow an angel's trumpet. They too are beautiful. Is yours growing in a container? That is where I might try to grow one someday.

  3. I started with one tiny angel's trumpet that was given to me. That years I saved all the seed; the next year, I had them SOLID across the front of my house! Yours are lovely, as are you morning glories!

  4. I love how morning glories just spill all over, this way and that. It's just wonderful!


  5. pgl, I should have added my four o'clocks to that post. Dang.

    Hi cynthia, sorry about your morning glories. Yes that angel's trumpet is in a container.

    Nola, I bet all those angels trumpet were pretty.

    Thanks cindy.

  6. Hi Deb, what wonderful trumpet blooms those are. I love the flowers that open and/or are scented only in the evening or very early mornings. One of the magical things about gardens.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  7. Yup, that's me too come this time of year! I use up all my energy early in the day and drag my pitiful but through the rest of it. LOL. I better get out and get some work done before I fizzle out.

  8. Geez, Debbi, talk about great minds thinking alike! I posted on morning glories this morning, too! (But about the joys of variegated morning-glory vines.) They're so joyful! And of course, brugmansias are amazing, too.

  9. You know I'm so envious of your morning glories! I don't know why mine pooped out. Only had two blooms! From all the plants combined!

  10. I like those two colors together!

  11. Hi Frances, I think the night blooming flowers are special too.

    I hear you cinj

    Hi ofb, got to go over and read your post.

    Brenda, I am really suprised you had trouble with them. Maybe you got bad seed or something.

    Thanks anna, I planted the grandpa otts, but the pink showed up on it's own.