Saturday, August 9, 2008

What the Hay?

This bale of hay has been sitting in the ditch on our street for a week. Any thoughts on how and why it got there?
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  1. It fell off of whatever they carry those things on???

  2. To get to the other side- that's great! :-)

    Maybe it is hoping you will come rescue it and use it for mulch and compost making....

  3. I like Mr Subjunctive's answer, lol. But Cindy has a good point, free mulch! and compost! :)

  4. hahaha, to get to the other side. love it Mr. S.

    Brenda, but why did they leave it?

    I will probably be doing a little hay theiving in the next couple of days cindy and pg.

    Maybe somebody left it so we could roll in it.

  5. It's trying to hitchhike to the nearest farm, but forgot it didn't have any thumbs????

  6. Maybe it fell off the truck? How big is it? Looks pretty cool sitting there. Maybe you can use the hay for something(-:

  7. It either fell off a truck or it is one of those runaway bales of hay that's making a mad dash to freedom. ;)


  8. Forget why it got there---doubtless making some incomprehensible existential statement---just focus on the FREE MULCH aspect! Every time I see trucks hauling hay bales around here, I just want to scream "We need that hay, please drop it all off at our place!!!" Now's your chance.

  9. the hay fairies left it there after a modern day Cinderella used it as a carriage to get to the ball.

  10. cinj, no thumbs hahaha

    cindee, it is one of those really big round bales. I can use it for mulch.

    Cindy, I wonder if it was mistreated on the farm and that's what made it run away.

    ofb, there is enough for you and me. That is a lot of hay.

    Sarah, very creative. I think I will piece togther a little story from the contents of all the comments and make a story about our lost hay bale.