Friday, September 12, 2008

The No Bag Lady

At our local Dollar Store I have become known as the "No Bag Lady." I can think of worse things. For some reason they think it is funny that I bring my own bags. Hopefully, very soon, I will be joined by a lot more "No Bag Ladies."

Hurricane Ike has driven South Texans all the way to our county. There are evacuees staying at a large church in Kaufman. I took out the sour dough bread starter and fed it. I don't know how many loaves I can stretch out of it. I am going to make as many as possible and deliver them tomorrow morning, before the wind and rain hits.


  1. How thoughtful of you to make bread for those folks! I'm sure they'll really appreciate it. I try to be a no-bag lady as much as I can, but I also like the plastic bags for my plastic recycling and the paper ones for my paper and cardboard stuff. (I have to transport my own recycling-no pickup.) Still very "eco-responsible", and from the sound of the folks in your area, you're quite a trend-setter! :)

  2. I bring my own bags most places too, except to Walmart where I get my bags for recycling. I guess it's better to be a NO bag lady than just a bag lady!

    It's very nice of you to bring yummy homemade bread for those poor misplaced folks, it will help it feel a bit more home-y.

  3. Hey, can you bring some of that bread on over to Ellis County? haha
    I just came in, and the wind is starting to blow just a bit, but that is all so far.

  4. Nothing better than home grown bread. I don't know anyone who doesn't love it. You will be much appreciated.

    I reuse my plastic bags from the grocery store. I use them in the bathroom trash cans. I do have an insulated bag that I should take to the store with me. I hate to see those throw-away bags hanging on trees and drifting across the landscape. They aren't very attractive. Bravo for you.

  5. We were trying to figure out how close you are to the coast and if Ike would be causing you to evacuate. We don't use plastic bags at all anymore. We have clothe totes that we take everywhere. Starting in Jan. 09 the city of Seattle is making stores charge 20 cents per plastic bag. Lots of bruhaha over it going on.

  6. I need to start doing that too Deb. (bringing my own bags to the store) That's very nice of you to make bread for those poor people. How horrible to have to leave your home, I can't even imagine.

  7. Bless you, Debbi! I'm sure the poor evacuees all feel like bag ladies about now, bereft of their homes and belongings. That bread will warm their hearts as well as their stomachs! As for being the "no-bag lady," way to go!!!

  8. Lisa, I have to drag our recycling to the county recycling center too. What a pain.

    Hi nola, the wind temperature just dropped and the wind pick up a little so I guess it is on the way.

    Hi anna, I hope they enjoy it. My man still won't take bags with him, so we have some to use holding recycling and such.

    Curmudgeon, two cities in texas and eliminated platic bags all toghether. Their reason was the cost of cleaning up all the litter produced by the plastic bags. I made myself a few crochet bags, but ended up using the clothe bags as well. They just hold more.

    Pgl, I really feel bad for them and want to make the stay as easy as possible. Apparently, there are a lot of kids. Once I got used to it, the reusable bags are just as easy and I don't have to collect them for the recycle bin.

    Thanks ofb, Hopefully their stay will be short and their homes will remain intact.

  9. How admirable to bring your own bags! It is not an easy thing to do.

  10. Thanks tina, but really it is like anything else, just a habit I had to get into.

  11. Hope you all are ok Debbi. How sweet of you to make bread. Does your starter feed with instant potatoes? I had a started years ago and finally let it go. I don't have time anymore, but loved making sourdough bread every week.
    Hope you and your family are safe and sound! Here in Dallas we are not expecting too much of the storm

  12. Meadowview thymes, I have never heard of feeding it with instant potatoes, but I will so look into it. I could grow the potatoes, shred them, dehydrate them, and then feed the starter with them. One more thing I could do for myself.

    We lost one tree branch but all else is just fine. We are a little south east of you and we pretty much got missed. Need to check on brenda. She is even further east.