Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Creative Square Foot Garden

Everyone is trying to find ways to save money. Our family is no exception. We need to save not because we borrowed more money than we can afford to repay, but because most of the things we purchase have increased in price. Gas, clothes, insurance, and food are all costing much more. I have been looking for little ways to save money.
I have been planing to change half of my vegetable garden from traditional rows to square foot gardening. A square foot garden uses raised beds to grow vegetables. This uses less water, is easier to weed, and is more productive than traditional rows. I have been preaching this type of gardening for a couple of years without actually doing it myself. Sister#2 put in a square foot garden last spring and I am embarrassed to say she out produced me in a 4 x 8 foot plot. I have a 15 x 30 foot garden. Oh the shame. Anyway, I decided to start the square foot garden this fall.
I have been looking for free wood or rock or something to create my raised beds. This search has gone on for about two weeks. Yesterday, I looked up and saw our wood pile. Hmmm....those might make a fine border. So I lined them up, put news paper in the bottom and filled them up with compost and soil.
Ignore the weeds. I will get to them later.
Now that is not a very good picture, but can you see the foot prints. Might be a wolf or a coyote.
Nope, here is the culprit. Last night the neighbor called to let us know Abby was roaming the streets. She must have taken a stroll through the garden before she went on her walk. Notice the nice big bone on the ground in front of her. That thing really hurts when she drops it on your feet.
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  1. Ha! I'll just bet that big bone hurts! Owww!!! At least you solved your mystery visitor without having to call in Sherlock Holmes! Keep us posted about your square-foot garden. As you say, we all need to grow more of our own food and make the most of the space we have.

  2. Hi ofb, I will be posting about the change as it is made. By next spring half the garden should be in raised beds.

  3. I'm hearing more and more about this type of gardening. What are you planting? Will any and every thing grown in a square foot garden?
    (can you tell you got my attention?) :)

  4. Hi, meadowview. I planted lettuce and radish in that plot. I googled square foot gardens and saw pictures with all kinds of veggies in them. I will be putting in at least five more raised beds. Stay tuned. If you want to give it a shot now, we can grown broccoli, collards, cabbage, lettuce, radish, beets, garlic, onion, Swiss chard, and sugar snap peas during the cool months.

  5. This is the type of gardening that we will be doing at the new house. Since we will be working on the house most of the fall/winter we will not start getting these ready until early spring, so I'm anxious to see how yours do! I've read up on them some but it is nice to see the project from the beginning.

  6. Hi Shala, I will post on this project from start to finish so you can avoid my inevitable mistakes:) It is good to hear that your home situation has worked out. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  7. Always enjoy seeing pics of Abby! The new garden plan sounds exciting. We're trying a winter cover crop for the first time--fava beans and crimson clover. Come Spring we want to try the square foot gardening method on part of our 8x24 plot.

  8. Hello Wenches, I enjoy pictures of Diva Dog as well. I have seen that several garden bloggers are planning square foot plots. This spring should be interesting.