Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Color Part I

Although I have been complaining about the continued summer-like weather we are experiencing around here, the temperatures have actually come down from the 100's to the 90's in the afternoon. The plants can tell the difference and have begun to bloom.

My roses are putting on their fall buds. The Sweet Autumn clematis is blooming as is the Autumn Joy sedum.
My ruella is putting on a show. This is the standard plant. If you choose to grow this plant, understand that it will take over. I put it on a west facing wall where almost everything else dies from the heat.
The flower is quite pretty
Here is the sedum shown off in another of my horrible blurry pictures.
Tomorrow I hope to have pictures of local wild flowers and trees showing off their fall color.
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  1. Down to the 90s? I guess that is a big improvement. It got cool here fast, definitely fall like. I like the ruella.

  2. My garden is kind of bare. That's why it felt "essential" to drive to Blue Moon! It's somewhat better now. But the summer heat did take its usual toll.

  3. Enjoy the cool weather tina.

    Brenda, you didn't go to blue moon without me. That is the coolest nursery ever.

  4. OK, Debbi and Brenda, stop it! You guys are making me want to go to Blue Moon, and that's just waaaay to far. But I might try the place at Rosser that you mentioned for the Snaps. I like them, too, because they seem to be a perennial, at least in this zone. And like you said, they get tall, so they can be seen from the street better than pansies. But I'll have pansies, too, they are just a fall essential!

  5. and viola's nola, gotta have those cute little violas.

  6. Wow, it's 42 degrees here right now. I guess that's a lot colder than you have it there. Love the blooms you've got going on, mine are winding down. I guess they're getting ready for winter now.

  7. Hi cinj, we still have a couple of months of good gardening weather. It should cool off soon.

  8. It's starting to cool off here too. Makes a big difference with the flowers.

  9. Hi darla, I love fall almost as much as spring.