Friday, October 10, 2008

A Fine Fall Day

It is beautiful today. The weather is in the mid 70's with a light breeze. The sun is warm without being hot. Very nice.
It is so nice my black eyed Susan vine decided to bloom.
I moved it from the deck to the front porch. It seems to like the shade. Who knew.

Here is a closer look.

And closer yet.
The pepper harvest is in full swing. My Chili pequeno is loaded with little hot bombs.
How's your weather.
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  1. Yeah, looking good, Debbi! (Love the lanterns, too.) Our hot-hot peppers are producing like mad things now, too. Guess they must know their number will soon be up! Not sure what the weather will be doing here, since I've been haunting to see what it will be like in Pipestem, West Virginia, where we're heading tomorrow for my birthday and a Hays family extravaganza. It's going to be mid-70s daytime/low 50s/high 40s there, with sun or mostly sun the whole time we'll be vacationing at the beloved mountain retreat. Sounds good to me! rank up the fire, break out the chilled wine, and take in the fall foliage. (Silence is bringing all kinds of cooking paraphernalia to make jalapeno poppers, baked Brie with brown sugar and almonds, curried pumpkin soup, and her famous red, white and gold pasta, as well as a curried orange cauliflower bake, pizza-makings, and mercy knows what-all, along with loaves of her banana bread and apple butter, butter, and cream cheese to suit all tastes. Sounds like we'll manage to survive 'til we get back here...)

  2. ofb, you sound really excited. I would be too, that sounds like a great trip with great food, and wine in the mountains. Go ofb and silence.

  3. I can not remember where I was recently, but they had a BES growing in the shade too. Well partly---the roots were in the sun just like you have yours.

    I am glad to see the cooler weather too. It was a hot and bleak summer. I think I finally got the rubber hose smell off my hands from all the watering.

  4. Hi anna, I moved it because it looked like crap on the deck. After a few weeks in the shade it perked right up. We are headed for real fall weather in the next few days. I can't wait.