Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mexican Mint Marigold and a Monkey Update

This is a really bad picture of a really pretty plant. It is Mexican mint marigold, which blooms in the fall. The plant tag said full sun, but I grow it in dry shade. It is very drought tolerant and hardy to zone 8. I divide the plant in the spring, but have also found that it will reseed itself. Butterflies are attracted to the blooms. The leaves can be used as a substitute for French tarragon. I love it with sweet pickles in tuna salad.
Teenage Monkey got his cast put on today. The break was a green stick break, meaning the bone was not broken all the way across. He only has to wear the cast for four weeks.
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  1. Your MMM looks good. I'm glad to see you grow it in different conditions than I do because I had no idea where to move it! Now I have more options. I just wish it weren't blocking my vines!

  2. Diana, I'm sure you will find it a good home.

  3. Good news about monkey! He looks good in the green cast. Now tell him "no more monkeys jumpin' on the bed!"


  4. Is that an "I won't do it again" expression on his face (lol)
    Glad to see your feeds are back on Blotanical and Google Reader.

  5. Cindy, hahahaha.

    Easygardener, yes that is the sorry mom look. It feels great to have my feeds back and have a few more visitors.

  6. Never heard of this Marigold Deb. Anything that can tolerate dry shade is a keeper in my books. Monkey is lucky he only has to wear the cast for 4 weeks. My son broke his arm some years back right before summer vacation & couldn't go swimming for 6 weeks! :)

  7. Cute monkey!
    Wish I could get that marigold here. I can't grow any kind of tarragon to save my life for some reason.

  8. Wow, I've never seen such a tall marigold before. Gorgeous!

    Glad to hear monkey doesn't have to wear the cast too long. I hear they aren't pleasant.

  9. Racquel, We were worried that he would have to keep that cast on for a long time. He got luck. The Mexican mint marigold is usually sold as an herb.

    Foxy, it is a tagets, not sure if you cold grow it or not.

    hi cinj, it is big. I think copper canyon daisy, another tagets is actually taller. We are glad the cast will only be on for a month. He said the splint smelled like shoes after only three days.

  10. I have been wanting this plant forever! I don't know why I can't remember to look for it. I put tarragon in my chicken salad--so this would work as well!
    I'm making myself a note....
    (sure is a cute monkey!)

  11. Still manages to look mischievous with a broken arm and cast. Oh, to be young again. Now that I think about it, I don't think I want to go there.

  12. Glad to see your Monkey's on the mend :)

  13. Thanks Meadowview, I bought mine in the herb section of a nursery in Lakewood in Dallas. We should be selling some at our MG spring seminar next april.

    Brenda, He does look like he is up to something doesn't he. Youth looks good, but can you imagine going back to middle school. Yikes.

    Thanks vp.