Monday, October 6, 2008

Snacking in the Garden

I know, three posts in one day is a little extreme, but I just had to share this. After school, I looked out into the garden to see Teenage Monkey eating morning glory blooms. I know, weird. He has always done it. I checked and the blooms are safe to eat, just stay away from the seeds. A few years ago, his Meme (aunt) decided to try them too. She did not understand the appeal. I am going to take her word for it and leave them alone.

I watched my son for a few minutes and went out to see what else he was snacking on. He ate the ferny tops of the asparagus. He ate Swiss chard straight from the plant. He ate basil. He finally, found a small zucchini and that seemed to satisfy his snack attack. Better than milk and cookies, if you ask me.


  1. Um, maybe he has a nutrient deficiency. Like pregnant women eating mud to meet their mineral requirements and all that. I think you'd better get him checked out.

  2. ofb, The kid is just weird. Well feed, but weird.

  3. Really, that is fascinating. I bet it's good for him. So much better to eat most things raw.

    Did you ever see that show where people tried to eat like herbivores for a week, I think. They spent most of their time in the bathroom and lost lots of weight.

  4. Hi anna, I really am glad he will eat raw veggies. The morning glory blooms are another matter.

    I did see that show. I would love to lose some weight, but it seemed the side effects of that diet would make it not worth it.