Friday, November 14, 2008

How To Create a Cat Magnet

1. Go shopping
2. Buy really cute velvet pants.
3. Bring purchases home and show off to husband who provided funds for fancy pants.
4. Lay pretty pants out on sofa and forget about them overnight
5. Forget to put the cat out.
6. Sleep well in your bed as cat sleeps well on new the britches
7. Wake up to find cat fur on brand new garment.

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  1. Either my cats or dogs immediately "find" anything suddenly left laying out and will curl up on it. If you bring warm clothes from the dryer, it won't be two seconds before some four-legged creature has pounced on it and claimed it for a bed.

  2. Debbie .. you should know a whole lot better girl ! I have a black jacket that actually hangs in the closet .. yet when I take it out to wear I am a CAT coat .. so how do you figure my two do THAT ??? LOL ....

  3. Oh no! I hope that you have a good lint brush. I find that anything out of the ordinary that I leave laying out Speedy finds. Even if it's just an empty plastic bag. Silly cat!

  4. Ha! They gotcha!!! With three longhaired indoor cats and a golden retriever, it's hopeless around here. We have several Velcro brushes (for the bedspreads and furniture), but keep our clothes securely hidden.

  5. CREATE(?) a cat magnet; I LIVE in a cat magnet. Thus my motto: if you can't stand the cat hair, stay off my furniture! I dare you to wear them with the cat hair still attached! HAHAHA!

  6. Such is the life of a pet owner. I have little white hairs from my beagle everywhere. I could vacuum 3X a day & they would still show up. :)

  7. Brenda, They usually sleep in the sock basket. hahahaha

    I know Joy. It was all my fault.

    Cinj, I have a more relaxed housekeeping style than you do (see clutter). There were plenty of other thing for her to sleep.

    Ofb, Of course i should have put them right away, but would there be any fun in that?

    Nola, they may never be fur free again.

    Racquel, Is Beagle hair as magnetic as manx cat hair?

  8. I promise to get the pompom post up by Monday. Think I still have something around here with dog hair all over it and my dog has been dead awhile. Pretty pants though. Is velvet in this year? I got to figure out what to wear on Sunday--we're getting our Christmas pic taken. Put your cats in a Zip Loc bag before you go to bed and you'll have no problems. Did you know that dryer sheets help get the hair off.

  9. I love all you animal lovers!!!
    For a minute Debbi, with my grandma eyes I thought the cat had torn a hole in them!!

    I created chicken magnets, the peas I planted (because of you) are now completely gone, even though I put a screen over what were left. Funny though, somehow I don't mind and would rather have the chickens. Still have radish, silver beet, tomatoes and (flat chicken sat on) carrot seedlings.

  10. Anna, Their fur seems to get into everything. I am not sure if velvet is "in" this year. I have serious booty curves and must buy what fits them. These velvet pants at Old Navy fit great.

    Foxy, I would give up the pants before the cat.

    Yes, it tis vickie, yes it tis