Monday, November 24, 2008

Non Compostibles

Things that I have found buried in the compost bin
1) Car Keys
2) Phone
3) Tonka Trucks
4) Metal Plant Markers
5) Fork
6) Tea Saucer
7) Dog Collar
8) Bracelet
9) Pruners
10) Baseball
11) My Sanity

Composted anything unusual lately?


  1. That made me laugh!

    My list is much smaller - but includes: best kitchen knife, trowel, secateurs, cats nesting on the warmth.

  2. Have the monkeys been "helping" again? LOL.

  3. Oh, Debbi, that was MY bracelet, I was digging through the compost searching for your cell phone. It is the one with all the diamonds, you can mail it back to me!

  4. Fabulous -
    Glad to know that I am not the only one who composts strange things.

  5. Oh no, no, Debbi, surely not!!! What a riot! I just WISH I could compost somebody's cell phone... sigh...

  6. At least the dog wasn't wearing the collar (lol)

  7. zoe, The cats are not taking advantage of the heat so far.

    Cinj, I did these things all by myself.

    Nice try Nola, hahahaha

    Karen, glad to be of reassurance.

    ofb, tell us how you really feel about cell phones.

    Easygardener, I still have no idea how the dog collar got in there. I think she ditched it and thought I wouldn't find it.

  8. Hey, Debbi, don't think of it as losing stuff. Think of it as creating an archaeological record for future generations...

  9. That is too funny. When we moved we brought our composter, but not the compost. :( Now we get to start all over. Thanks for stopping by my new blog, I love having one of my very own!

  10. Pruners for me too! How do I lose those things??

  11. Hon, you got to get those monkeys raised before you lose yourself in that pile!

  12. Brenda, I am raising them as fast as I can. Apparently, it takes 18 to 22 years if they do not decide to go to graduate school. Against my senses of self preservation, I want them to go to graduate school.

  13. OFB, I feel sorry for the gardener who inherites this place. There is no telling what they are going to dig up.

    Shala, Congrats on your bright shiny new blog. Too bad you had enough to do with the move and home improvement. Adding on a compost relocation might have been the straw that broke y'alls back.

    Meadowview, A friend of mine has a pruner holster. Maybe the two of us need to get ourselves one.

  14. Hey, Deb, if you actually FOUND your sanity--even in the compost--you're doing better then me!

  15. Kate, sanity- lost and found, it is a process, as is compost.

  16. I can get everything but the phone and the keys. Wouldn't someone miss those??? Like "where are my keys and why can't I phone someone to let me in?"

  17. Foxy, In small town Texas we frequently do not lock the doors. I can spend days without leaving the house or speaking to another human who does not come out in the garden to find me. I would make a first class hermit.

  18. Sounds like some little monkeys have been playing in the compost pile again. LOL.~~Dee

  19. I am forever finding dessert and teaspoons whenever I empty my bins. How did that happen?

  20. Dee, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. No really, I did it.

    VP, that actually makes sense.