Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To Do List

1. Plant onions.
2. Weed.
3. Plant lettuce.
4. Weed.
5. Pick Peppers.
6. Weed.
7. Rake leaves.
8. Weed.
9. Parent Monkeys.
10. Take advantage of that 19th amendment and Vote.


  1. Who's cooking dinner tonight? Manly man? Then you've got to weed again, right?

  2. Cindy, that's right weed.

    Cinj, sadly Manly Man must work tonight. I think we might have peanut butter sandwiches.

  3. How wonderful, after you weed the plants, go to the poll and weed the politicians! haha! I love your comment to Cinj, pbj's are one of my favorite treats, not only are they yummy, they are EZ!

  4. Nola, you crack me up. Weed the politicians, perfect.

  5. Is that a reminder to "weed"? lol

  6. I am so thrilled you are voting. I'm a mission to get everyone to vote but I already knew you were. It was cold and wet today but that didn't stop me. I only had to wait a bit. We had lots of early voters. Happy Weeding!

  7. Too wet to weed here. But a voting we did go!

  8. Anna, I went at about 2:15 and there were no lines. I'm sure the same won't be true this evening.

    Wenches, glad to hear it.

  9. And after you weed, do something extra special for yourself that gives comfort. I give this advice to all monkey mothers.

  10. Ha! All that voting does a body good. Then there's the weeding, like, say, trying to bribe "someone" (Ben, are you reading this?!) to climb up on a ladder and pull the poison ivy seedlings out of the gutter...

  11. Okay, I'll bite, exactly how did poison ivy seedlings get in your gutter?