Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Butterflies are Late This Year

We have been waiting all summer for the Gulf Fritillary butterflies to show up. Over the last two weeks we have seen one or two at a time. None were laying eggs on the passion vine. Today I counted eight flying around, nectaring, flying in spirals around one and other, and then laying eggs on the passion vine.

We are approximately twenty days from our average first freeze. I don't know if the eggs will have enough time to hatch into caterpillars and grow large enough to make a chrysalis. An internet search did not reveal the length of time these flying flowers need to complete the egg/caterpillar/ butterfly transformation. I am afraid they were too late this year.

Here is a regular pomegranate next to my miniature fruit.
Isn't the little guy cute?
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  1. Sounds like you're having a calm Saturday. After Halloween, you deserve a break from pranks and devilish delights of all male monkeys!

  2. Brenda, it was a nice calm day until they decided to take the bunkbeds apart.

    Shibaguyz, I know isn't it cute.

  3. The mini Pomegranate is cute! I hope the butterflies complete their cycle and migrate before your first hard frost.

  4. When my sister and I went to several garden nurseries this Saturday, there were butterflies all over. I think that was the most I have ever seen at one time. Even though we have started having colder temps, they are still visiting all the flowers.

    Always Growing

  5. Jan, they do seem to be hanging around and enjoying the mild fall weather.