Thursday, December 18, 2008

Critter Misbehavior

Have you ever heard someone say, derisively,"Get a job." Well, be a stay at home mom for a few years and watch what happens when you return to work. The humans will do their best. They will demonstrate the ability to feed themselves and produce clean clothes. The fur balls, on the other hand, have a different spin on the departure of the stay at home mom. Abby, Internet Police Dog, became ill the first day I was away from home more than three hours. Yep, she made a big stinky mess in three out of five rooms of our home. Unfortunately, the bunnies had a bad day too(sob). Tisha, the original Manx, held on by her claws to the back of my chair. She ran off the German shepherd, tried to bite me, and had a fit when Manly Man removed her from the room. I do not intend to be a stay at home pet mommy. Seriously.


  1. Deb ... girl it all happens to us at some point in time .. we have "human" critters and "critter" critters .. and they both express their dismay at us not being home eventually .. this too shall pass, so hang in there girl ! : )

  2. Hi Debbi,
    We used to take our now 5 year old yellow lab to doggy day care once a week, but my husband retired a couple springs ago, and then got a job (where I work) where he has to be at work at 7 am, which is when day care opens, so it doesn't work out to take here now.

    She is not trustworthy in the whole house, so we have a baby gate at the bottom of the steps to the upstairs, and another at the hall to the kitchen and dining rooms.

    It will be an adjustment for your critters, poor things. They'll get used to a new routine.

    You mentioned my snow post looks like winter, well today, we have school canceled due to slick roads. It is winter here!

  3. Poor Abby! Is that cat a tortie by any chance? Sounds like one! I don't even want to think what Diva Dog would do if WN & I both had 9-5 type schedules. I work at home in the mornings and teach late afternoons and evenings. DD only has to spend about 3 hrs alone each day. She acts like we've abandonned her for days when WN gets home. The cats act like they couldn't care less--though the little black one has been having a really hard time dealing with Luna's death.

  4. Thanks joy.

    Hi sue, I loved that picture. They better adjust or they are all going to be kenneled.

    Curmudgeon, She is a Manx and they are just as temperamental. The other Manx is a calico, that was a lovely genetic combination. She is beautiful, but she has an abrasive personality. I really do feel sorry for abby. She just can't handle much of a change in schedule.