Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rainy Day Monkey Business




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Have you ever been stuck in the house with four kids, two cats, three fish, and an obsessive compulsive German shepherd? I thought not, that would only happen in my life.

I have nieces #2 and #3. They are out of school for the holidays, but their mom and dad must work. So they are visiting us. Normally, this is not an issue. They usually play in the yard for a while, play inside for a while and generally keep themselves busy.

Today it is really too cold and too wet to play outside. Did that stop them? NOOOO. Instead they went outside and took the dog with them. They saw that the top of the water garden had frozen over and felt sorry for the fish. They broke the ice, scooped out the fish, and brought them inside in a mixing bowl. Then they let Abby back inside after she ran around the yard and got as muddy as possible. Guess what she did when she got inside, just guess...she rolled around on my newly shampooed carpet. Nice.

After getting the fish out of the house and the dog in her kennel, I discovered that someone had caught the bathroom curtain on fire with a candle. I am pretty sure it happened last night, but still.

Finally, they all settled down to playing games and making a Christmas card for their Aunt who has to return to New Mexico tomorrow.

This is only the second day of Christmas break. There are still twelve days left. Will the house get burned down? Will I go completely crazy? Will the animals end up running the household and raising my children? Stay tuned.


  1. Oh geez Debbi, I feel so sorry for you! So far so good here (knock on wood) so I guess the extra trouble must be finding it's way to your place?

  2. Cinj, that was a lightening fast comment.

  3. I hope things are calming down a bit! What memories you all are making!

    Merry Christmas,

  4. Bless your heart, Deb, what a zoo! I examined the photos before I read the story, even enlarged the curtain one thinking there must be a cat hiding behind it, but I couldn't see what the problem was. Then! I read the story. Poor Debbie. Don't replace the curtains and carpets until they are all grown and gone. That's what my parents did. :)

  5. I am concerned for the fish.

    And am searching eBay for an asbestos shower curtain.

  6. Hi Sue, I have to say, "Thanks for the memories' big sigh.

    Barbee, I am not replacing a single thread in this house until they are all safely off distroying a dorm room.

    Hugh, The fish are fine. If you find those abestos linens please let me know.

  7. Sounds like a normal family Christmas to me Deb.

    Hope you find your sanity and have a good one!


  8. Sounds like you are having a great Christmas vacation! The next couple of days ought to be better. Push them out into the yard and lock the door!

  9. Hope you make it to Christmas Day Aunt Debbi! A very merry to you and yours!

  10. VP, And we are just getting started.

    Nola, they are so going out if it doesn't start to storm.

    Curmudgeon, Thanks, I'm hanging on by my toenails.

  11. LOL!! (I'm laughing WITH you...really! ;-) Reminds me of the time I came home from a brief errand to find that my then 10 year old son was melting his GI Joe guys in the oven. (Well, he WAS working on a battleground fire scenario, and they HAD to look real!) Sheesh! Hang in there!

  12. Oh dear, lisa, what a story. They have not tried melting anything that I know of.

  13. Chaos at the monkey house. Oh, Aunt Debbie, I want to come stay at your place for a while. It sounds like a blast.

    And your humor is lovely. Hang in there!