Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How I Avoided an Avalanche of Random Crap


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If you are sick of hearing southerners whine about the cold weather, you might want to click out of here fast. Above are a couple of pictures of my little water garden with ice covering most of the surface. Manly Man broke the ice this morning and repositioned the air hose. I like the picture of the bubble and the leaf caught in the ice. The fish are hanging out on the bottom ticked off.

I did not go outside in this mess. There is ice on the roads and the schools are closed down. We simply cannot function if there is anything frozen on the road. Lots of Texan's drive trucks. Trucks do not have enough weight in the back end (unlike Aunt Debbi) and they tend to slide around. We like to stay inside and off the roads when the weather is like this.

So what does a wimpy Texas gardener do when there is a little bit of frozen stuff on the ground. She stays inside and cleans up the catch all room. "What is a catch all room?" you ask. It is the room that contains the washer and drier, laundry baskets and hampers, my sewing nook, filing cabinets, school supplies, books, TV, computer, desk, large piece of multi use exercise equipment, other exercise accouterments, a big container of garden club paraphernalia, another bookshelf, dog kennel, animal feed, and all kinds of junk the family has just off loaded into this room.

This is the room where I spend most of my time. I do laundry, sew, blog, and watch TV in this scitzophrenic room. I do not watch much TV in the living room because there is way too much testosterone in there and I don't want to watch hockey or Survivor Man.

I have not really sorted through all the crap in this room in about a year. It was beginning to feel like all the stuff was going to create an avalanche and crush me to death. After a few hours, I am about a third of the way through the mess and feeling a little safer.

How do you fill your time when you cannot garden?


  1. Hi Deb - you got started early, that's what I usually do on New Years Day! I love the virtuous feeling afterwards!

  2. Oh, Deb, I do have to laugh at your whining. It is currently 0 degrees here, and we have snow cover from yesterday. Larry has a couple fish in a whisky barrel with a bird bath heater in it, that I had gotten him for Christmas one year for the bird bath.

    I have a catch all room that almost gets clean once in awhile, but then more "stuff" gets thrown in, and after I move things around to be able to get in, I usually lose heart and go back out. I have two weeks off starting next week, and hope to tackle it again.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. If you get your room all sorted through, come on over and help me! I let the garage fill up; then the laundry room fill up; then, and only then when it starts to spill over into my garden room/library/den do I tackle the crap that accumulates in my life. By that time, it's like opening Christmas presents because I find all the stuff I've looked for all year! What fun on a cold day!

  4. Hi Debbi- Great post! Can I join you in whining even though I'm not down south, but in Seattle? I moved here for the temperate weather (partly anyway) and I'm looking at being iced and snowed in for the rest of the week. So with nowhere to go, and no gardening to do, I'm going on an organization, declutter, get-rid-of-crap extravaganza! In between that frenzied activity, I throw in a little quilting, reading, working out...and a lot of blotanical reading!

  5. Hey Aunt Debbi! We're whining with you! Schools here closed for the day--and it hasn't even started snowing yet! Apparently they're expecting 2 whole inches--that's a major catastrophe here. Hope your fish make it.

  6. Thank goodness for a room like that! What would we do without it! I guess the stuff would start creeping out the front door. Maybe we should just open the door and let it go!

  7. LOL! Oh Debbi. It's fun to listen to you. I wish our schools would have closed down when we got our freezing rain, the roads are still treacherous around here. Still too cold for salt to do much either. We've got lots of truck in the northwoods too. We just buy some sand bags to load above the rear axel.

    I just cleaned my junk room yesterday (luckily since I found a couple of bills that were due in a few days). I think we all have a room (or three:) ) like that.

    I have all winter to search for projects to keep myself busy with. Why do you think my junk rooms are relatively clean?

  8. Must be a bloody big room!!! ;)

    And when you're finished helping Nola come down and help me okay?

    I find your weather fascinating, especially as we're in Summer now, and we never get snow in Winter, a couple of big frosts is it for us.

    Keep warm!

  9. VP, I am enjoying the feeling of safety afterwards.

    Sue, good luck with your clean up. I hope to finish mine before it gets worse again.

    Nola, I try to keep it confined to the one room, but we won't talk about my closet.

    Barbee, it I let is out it will take over the universe:)

    Aerie-el, Thanks, Your plans sound very ambitious. Hope it goes well.

    Curmudgeon, Hope the weather lightens up for you soon.

    cinj, at least you are making the best of your weather.

    Foxy, I will be glad to provide ciber support in your clean up efforts;)