Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Weedwacker

Dear Weedwacker,

There is no easy way to say this. It is over. Cutting off the daffodils at ground level was the last straw. They were just getting ready to bloom. We have had this problem for years, and I just can't take it anymore. Remember the double purple moon flower. You chewed it to bits.

Also, I know it was an accident, but the time your string hit my leg, it hurt. I never really learned to trust you after that. Every time we are together I worry it will happen again. This is no way to have a relationship.

I will always admire your handiness. You have given me clean lines along my pathways and quickly trimmed edges. We had many good gardening days together and I will miss you.

Please don't cry. You will find a gardener who is better for you. Out there somewhere is a gardener who does not grow delicate flowers. You need someone with better spatial awareness. You should look for someone who just mows the lawn and will use you to trim up along the fence. Wouldn't that be better than trying to live with a fussy flower gardener? This is best for both of us.

With a heavy heart,



  1. I do love the clean lines that the WW provides along pathways. Wing Nut prefers a machete for weed wackin'.

  2. Curmudgeon, I will have to find another tool to help with the trimming. Sigh

  3. I know exactly how you feel! It breaks my heart every time the landscapers cut the neck off a beloved plant of mine.

    Good luck!


  4. Debbie ... have I ever mentioned my spatial acuity/awareness is so bad I just don't back up my car even if my life depended upon it ?? .. do you know what that means with a weed whacker in hand ? ............. enough said. Lives have been spared since I have never touched one again ; )
    Very funny girl !!!! hehehehehehe

  5. That's why I leave that job to Cheesehead. I don't trust myself to drive MIL's truck for that very same reason. She's borrowing our car still.

  6. mmmmm..I am weed whacker challenged! I am way too short to handle the one we it's gas powered so there would be no way to start it, so I leave that job for wonderful hubby to do. I am much better at digging in the dirt!

  7. LOL - while I was reading your post I could that song "Baby Come Back, you can blame it all on me....." like in the Swifer commercials.

  8. This made me cackle! I do not like weed whackers or leaf blowers. Too loud. And frankly, I'm afraid of them. I'm clumsy, to say the least, and don't want to cut more than the flower down to the ground. Might be my leg or something.

  9. Karrita, I have no one to blame but myself.

    Joy, my family knows not to park their cars or trucks behind mine. I have run into more than one.

    Cinj, sounds like a lot of us have some coordination issues.

    Linda, me too.

    My Little Family, Now I have that song stuck in my head:)

    Brenda, I have broken up with my power tools. Somebody else will have to use them or they won't get used.

  10. I had to break up with my weed whacker a few years ago too. It's a hard decision to end a relationship of that import, but I'm like you... I love my daffodils too much.


  11. cindy, it was a tough decision, but it had to be made.

  12. I take it that Manly Man won't take on this job on your behalf even though it involves spatial awareness and a power tool?

  13. VP, Manly Man is not often in the garden. I took over the lawn a few years ago in order to avoid chemicals. His tag could be NAH if we had an alotment. Otherwise he is completely yummy.

  14. Oh well - NAH's yummy too in spite of the lack of interest in gardening or the allotment. Aren't we lucky?

  15. Weedwhacker and I have a pretty good relationship, but it's Super Weedwhacker and Mr. Lawnmower Man (aka my husband) that I have problems with. Now my little battery-operated garden shears and I get along just fine.

    I came over here, Aunt Debbi, because I didn't realize you had left for the island, too; I was rather late getting there so I missed some of the early arrivals. I love your hibiscus--perfect for a tropical island--and I brought along zinnias, too, so the island should be very colorful.

  16. Well, I don't blame you for breaking up with him. He's a reckless sort. I feel your pain, 'been there done that!' Good luck on finding a new more sensitive guy.

    Seeds came today,and Rose and I had a ball going through them and oohing and aahing. Won't this be fun when they start to bloom? We added our seeds and I am sending it on to Tena today. This was a day brightener as it is snowing again! At least we are far enough north this time we aren't getting any of that ice.

  17. VP, yes very lucky

    Rose, My best friends husband always kills her plants with the weedeater. We think he is doing it on purpose in some sort of passive aggressive way.

    Beckie, let me know what you took. I took two kinds of tomato, kiss me over the garden gate, batchelors buttons, sweet pea, hollyhocks. I put in more that I took out.