Monday, January 5, 2009

Early Daffodils


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On my way to a master gardener meeting this morning, I noticed Paper Whites in bloom alongside the sidewalk of an older home. Isn't it a little early for paper whites to bloom?

After returning home, a quick inspection showed that all of my daffodils are up. It looks like the Minnows will be blooming in the next couple of weeks. Wow, we really have had a warm winter. Well, it was warm up until today. Right now, we have freezing rain and the temperature is hoovering in the low 30's.

When do your daffodils bloom?


  1. I'm not seeing much action in my garden yet. Pooh!

  2. My miniatures are coming up too Deb. I haven't seen any sign of my large flowering types yet except for the Thalias. But most of them start blooming between Feb & Mar. It's been a weird year, everything is either blooming early or late.

  3. My daffodils bloom in Feb. at the same time the flowering quince blooms.

  4. Ours pop up in Feb. and are in full bloom come Mar. We're in the upper 40s today, but we had snow yesterday evening. It all melted during the night, thank goodness!

  5. Debbie .. you smart alec, and all the rest of you other smart alecs (is that how you spell that by the way ?) .. Are you trying to drive us "Northerners" CRAZY ???????????
    We'll be lucky to have the snow and ice gone by April .. let alone the spring bulbs blooming !!!
    Stop TEASING ; (
    Arrrrgggghhhh !!!!!!

  6. Mine are coming up and will be blooming (hopefully) around the beginning of February, just after we have everyone we know over for a Superbowl party. They do wait for a private showing!

  7. Mine bloom in March, but I do see the old bulbs starting to appear. Paperwhites are earlier I think. I see no sign of the new bulbs I planted yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed they will appear!

  8. I think mine are all up, just no blooms yet. The tulips are slowly bursting through too.

  9. MNgarden, I bet you are a lot happier come July than I will be.

    Racquel, Even my Giant Stars are up.

    V, I have pictures of mine as late a April last year. I don't think they will wait that long this year.

    Curmudgeon, Glad you thawed out. You should have seen the icicles on our tree today.

    Joy, Thanks for the rant;) Seriously, your winter won't last forever.

    Hi Sheila, That sounds about right. Everything blooms the day after the garden party.

  10. Linda, we are still planting some bulbs from our fall sale. I hope they have enough time to grow and bloom.

    Brenda, I have never gone to the trouble to grow tulips. Call me selfish, but I just have to have them bloom for more than one year. I do, however, enjoy the bulbs planted by others. I think the Dallas Arboretum's display is awesome.

  11. Usually about mid February, but we're experiencing the coldest winter here for well over a decade, so who knows!

  12. Our daffodils won't be blooming until March at least. Been a very snowy winter so far.

  13. Most of my flowers are dying from the heat, in spite of our watering.
    We try but this is Summer in the Riverina.

  14. still a bit early to call the winter warm or cold... we hovered just about freezing yesterday with rain also. luckily ice was at a minimum.

  15. messed up royally with my URL, so i will add this... I planted some dafadils which decided to come up in the fall every year and get hit by a hard frost before they flowered, however this fall they did not come up... maybe in the spring???

  16. vp, Yours bloom pretty early.

    Kim and Victoria, we almost never get snow.

    foxy, our seasons are exactly opposite.

    Wayne, I lost a few around our trees, but I think I may have cut them with a Japanese weeder.