Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hello Lost Fans.

If you don't watch Lost, don't click here.

So Charles Widmore used to be a member of the others, hummm????

Desmond named his baby Charlie. Awwww....

When did the U.S. Military show up, once again, somewhere they are not wanted?

Sawyer needs to take that ratty shirt off. I was wrong before.

I sort of missed the Oceanic Six this week.

Okay, Let's play who is your favorite lost hunk?

I'll start, anybody but Ben.


  1. Jin. Daniel's growing on me, and Sawyer has his good points, but -- Jin.

  2. I wonder how Whitmore got off the island and was never allowed to come back. Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that Richard doesn't age?

    What happened to that bomb? Did they end up burying it? I wonder if the people that flash out are remembered by those whom they were just talking to (aside from Richard).

    Cheesehead thinks I should pick Hurley. LOL. I can't decide. Jack, Sawyer, or Richard are all kind of hunky in my book. John in some weird way seems attractive to me in a fatherly sort of way too. He has nice eyes.

  3. Cinj, maybe Widmore was banished or something. Juilette said Richard was very old..hmmmm? Apparently, they sealed and buried the bomb. If they hadn't the island would not have been there in the furture, right? Sounds like you are leaning towards John.