Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey, Who Ate That Last Hunk of Bread

I made wheat bread yesterday. There was a little bit of it left tonight after dinner. Everyone went to bed, and that bread heal was mine. All I heard was a door squeak. I thought a monkey needed a drink. NOOOOOO....that monkey crept out of bed and stole my bread. GRRRRRR.

Well, here is what they don't know. A few weeks ago I read a snippet of something that said you could make fresh bread every day in just five minutes. To tell the truth, I just read the snippet and didn't actually go find the book or anything. I think, I can do this, just refrigerate some left over bread dough and bake it tomorrow. Well, I saved the bread dough and it morphed into something very large and prickly in the fridge. I pulled off a hunk of it, shaped it into a loaf, and baked it. smells wonderful.

I am going to start leaving notes tomorrow. The following will be my first note.

To whoever (whom, can't remember the rule) ate the last piece of bread,

You cannot have any of this loaf.

With Love and Irritation,


Do you think it will work?


  1. Probably not but it's worth a try and it's certainly interesting to your readers!

  2. Well..good luck! Let us know how that works for you! (cute monkeys!) :)

  3. It was me... and no - a note won't work. haha

    Does make me want some bread in all honesty.

  4. I'm thinking not with nighttime bread snatchers!

  5. LOL. Foxy stole my first line! Maybe a lock and key would work better....

  6. Foxy, There will be more notes to monkeys. I don't expect them to work, but at least I will have a record of my complaints.

    Linda, right they are just darling:P

    James, you are now an honorary monkey.

    Kim and Victoria, Maybe I should leave the not along with a mouse trap to catch the little snatcher.

    Cinj, My brother-in-laws mother actually had to resort to locking up the food so he didn't eat 24-7

  7. Hmmm, I think it was Ben Franklin. He wiped out the cornbread over at our place, but what he really wanted was warm bread. If you noticed that your butter was also missing, he should be high on your suspect list...

  8. Hide the stuff you want to save for yourself. Kids are the worst for sneaking the last cookie/bread/etc(-:

  9. OFB, I would have never thought of it, but you may be right. Durn founding father;)

    Cindee, I hide all of my chocolate:)