Sunday, February 22, 2009



If you didn't believe that my kids actually eat vegetables, here is the proof. Middle Monkey is eating a baked acorn squash with nothing on it but a little bit of butter. Yes, I am bragging.


Now look, some monkey or another has put a plastic bug on my Valentine's flowers. Naughty or nice?
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Has anyone ever grown potatoes in bags? If so, did it work?


  1. Nice, nice! It means they NOTICED the flowers!

  2. Naughty--but cute!!

    Yum--acorn squash--but sprinkle a little cinnamon on mine please! :)

  3. That's definately something worth bragging about!

    I'd have to say nice since no petals were broken/removed AND it's not a real OR harmful pest.

  4. I grew flowers in bags once, but wasn't totally satisfied. How cute of your monkey to pose for the photo; go monkey!!!

  5. Yum I love squash with just butter. The bug is a very nice addition too(-: At least its not real!!!

  6. Bugs are cool so I'm voting nice :)

    But then again, i have tarrantulas as pets so i may be a little skewed.

    mmmmm squash....make me some too please.

  7. As well you should brag! I wish mine would eat that kind of thing.

    Your kids are so funny, putting the bug on your flowers.

  8. I have let potatoes sprout roots from neglecting them. Does that count? Now what are you talking about growing them in a bag. That intrigues me.

    I had no doubt that your kids would eat veges. Isn't this the kid who ate the blossoms last year?

  9. Ha! This is great! I have never dared to eat a (nearly) naked winter squash myself, preferring them pureed and added to other dishes, so I am SO impressed! As for the Valentine bug, raising kids to have a great sense of humor may be the biggest favor you've ever done for them or humankind. Go Monkeys go!!!

  10. Tatyana, I think he was trying to scare me.

    Linda, right darling:)

    Cinj, That's true. He didn't mess it up at all.

    Nola, I am trying the potatoes in the bad thing. It is supposed to work great. We'll see. The monkey says thank you.

    Nickie, AHHHHHHHHH

    Foxy, I don't think I could get one of my to eat caviar like yours will.

    Anna, Teenage Monkey is the one who eats morning glory blooms. Weird kid.

    OFB, Thanks. I hope they don't scare me to death trying to get a laugh though.

  11. Well, I think that monkey with the plastic bug was attempting his hand at decorating. And he did a pretty darned good job!

  12. Aw, thanks Brenda. I needed a positive spin on that.